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  1. A sunscreen wont make red marks go away, it will just prevent them from gettin worse. Look around the forum for other products/treaments that will work for you.
  2. Sun exposure will slow down the healing time, depends what products you are using on them. Red marks will go away when the time is right.
  3. If you used acid peels frequently they proberly will damage the skin in the long run, they do say to give a couple months rest in between a phase of peels. Hydroquinione will lighten the dark marks but it will take a while to see results and might make those areas of your face pale compared to the rest of your skin. Maybe the marks are due to sun exposure? did you wear a sunscreen?. The best suggestion would be to give your skin a break let it help itself and hopefully you will get some colour b
  4. Not many shops in the UK sell products with glycolic acid in them from what I have seen, that product you listed will proberly have a low glycolic % and those brands throw so much other crap into them. Is there a reason why you cant buy online? there are a number of good websites that are safe that have the products perfect for your needs: perfectskin.uk.com bravuralondon.co.uk even ebay. If there is difficulties buying online you will have a mission finding an equal product in the shops like
  5. Yes, for me it caused more spots, it feels weird and sticky on your skin and really clogs up the pores which is why you get more spots. It will not do anything to your red marks so to be honest i wouldnt bother, i just it religiously for atleast 2 months and just got more spots, my scars and red marks remained the same.
  6. Im not too sure since your from USA, I dont no too much about your shops and stuff, Apple cider vinegar should be easy to find in your local supermarket. I just looked on google quickly but a product like: http://www.naturalskinshop.net/product_p/mdm.gcp.htm would be good i think, 10% glycolic cream, if you look about for a product along those lines you could probly get it cheaper.
  7. There isnt much you can do until atleast 6 months after, but just keep your skin moist, maybe try some Aloe Vera gel that stuff is great, maybe in a motnh or two try ACV. You could add some Vit C, Zinc supplements to your diet, its debatable whether they do anything but I feel they did for me.
  8. If you dilute it a bit, it shouldnt be a problem ACV wont irritate your skin that much if any at all, if it does though stop. You will get a bit red after the application though.
  9. Hmm, I wouldnt suggest to use the night cream too, atleast not for tonight. What % was the peel?. Make sure you wear that sunscream and moisturize regualry. Since your from england too its unlikely your going to get any weather that will damage your skin unless you count raindrops and wind, but the sun can be very damaging to skin especially after a peel, will cause pigmentation and other stuff.
  10. A glycolic acid cleanser or night cream will be good for helping those red marks and balance your skin tone, might also keep them whiteheads away. Try 10% or lower first. ACV works for some people but not for others like me, you can give it a try though but give it some time to work, obviously nothing will work over night.
  11. Its best to not use anything while on accu, your skin is really weak at the moment, moisturizing and vit E cream should be fine but stay away from GA will be quite tough even at that low %, its understandable to be impatient but you will just cause yourself more problems by rushing.
  12. Firstly bio-oil doesnt work at all, I know it is currently advertised big in the UK but its really just clogs your pores and will proberly cause you more spots. A good site is perfectskin.uk.com - try there Glycolic night cream, I have had some problems with there shipping though took atleast 3-4 weeks one time. A better one is www.bravuralondon.co.uk, this has its own Glycolic night cream which actually has the same ingredients and fast shipping for me. Trust me these products work.
  13. Depending on where you live, but generally sunscreen is important. Be careful though some sunscreens made me break out with loads of spots, try find a simple one with atleast SPF 15 no fragrences and all that, just simple.
  14. My recommendation is no, I can understand you want to clear up your acne as fast as possible but doing it that quick will have a negative effect and your skin will proberly get worse. It usually left atleast 5 days between peels simply because the skin needs to peel.