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  1. has anyone gotten the treatment in new york city area that could reccomend a doctor? would love to get the treatment, but exactly how long has the down time been for everyone? i have school which is difficult to miss. thanks!
  2. Hi! I used to visit this site a lot, especially when I was around 14 -15 years old and found some good information, and decided to visit back so see how everything was going. I finished my treatment of accutane about 1 year ago, (16 now) and would like to report my results. I was very nervous at first, and even when I was on it I was scared, because I ran cross country and track. My acne was horrible, it started around 13, on my forehead at first, and slow my cheeks, chin, nose everywhere. I th
  3. Hi I'm a 15 yr old male about 5'9.5 and I am almost finished with my course of accutane and it is great. But I am worried that the accutane can stop my height growth? Is this true, or common? Thanks
  4. oh ok. Goldrex how old where you when you started taking accutane? thanks!
  5. oops this was supposed to be apart of does accutane stunt my growth
  6. well what about my height?? i'm 14, male around 5'8.
  7. hi everyone, im new here, 14 years old been struggling with acne for last couple of years. it was last year my acne started getting very severe. i saw the dermatologist and started me with antibiotics etc, and i have now been prescribed with accutane. passed the blood test, and this thursday i am excited to get the prescription and get started! just wanted to say hi and was wondering if there is anything at all I should be expecting, and perhaps some tips, and what I should be washing my face