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  1. I love that boxing kitty! lol

    1. *DNA


      Thanksya. He's not that mean.

  2. You might try science daily and find articles on both arguments, somewhat. I think kill is pretty strong, but usually things get downplayed sometimes and later on down the road "that thing" is linked to cancer or some type of organ issue. I'm still on the fence in terms of 100% organic. Though the top sprayed items I will avoid. Celery seems scary(able to intake chemicals that are externally sprayed). Not sure if that whole list is based on guidelines to which their sprayed or actual samples o
  3. http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/list/ The rest of them, which is not much.
  4. How old are you? Low, that's bad :S. A low reading 2 years ago could be equal to MEGA low reading today. Usually your levels are normal, but their actually only normal to a reference range and not what some others may believe. That probably doesn't make since, but just trust me on it. Your highest levels are during the morning I believe, so depending on the time of day or diet, it's a tricky thing. Then again that's 2 years ago, so . I think before any doctor gives you advice on what to take,
  5. Well fuck me (not literally you might break out ). Didn't see this post since I didn't refresh in time, so maybe half my post is irrelevant.
  6. I truly believe i have bad luck in this situation, I have not come across anyone else on this forum with the same situation as me, dead set. You're on the money there. Melatonin aye? Tell me more please. You're not the only one that thinks orgasm/ejaculation/whateveryouwantTocallit causes their acne problems, but you're the only one I know of that has enough wet-dreams to been able to pinpoint that particular orgasm scenario to acne . Yes your T levels lower as well as a lot of othe
  7. Seems like one of those shit out of luck things. Have you gave melatonin(time release) a try? It seems to have an effect on prolactin, not sure on the others.
  8. If in terms of quality, you might go for an account @ consumerlabs.com. I never heard about issues of oxidation, but there are probably some brands that don't live up to their label. I use one from swanson that contains gelatin(beef), water/glycerin, safflower; it's 5k IU. Carlson (which is a reputable brand) sells them @ 2k IU as well.
  9. I would subscribe to their newsletter. I recently got a email for free shipping on orders over $70, since their shipping costs can rack up quite a bit. http://www.nutsonline.com/subscribe
  10. Just a part of population control. If most agencies/businesses were so easily tied together, there would be a lot of outrage.
  11. Zinc also does this for me. Sometimes I'll be able to remember 5 or so dreams when I wake up. It doesn't happen if I take it mid day and it also doesn't happen all the time even when I take it towards late at night. Sometimes it can keep me up and make it difficult to sleep if I take it before bed, it differs.
  12. For anyone about to supplement Vit A. (not BC) then I would read this topic by the Weston Price foundation . There's quite articles within the above.