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  1. i have a pitted scar on my cheek & i'm thinking of getting a tattoo of a mole there to offset the dent. i read about someone doing that & not only did the mole look good but the tattoo fixed the pitted scar. i drew a mole over my pit & it does make the pit less noticable.
  2. this fucking stuff sucks! i should have guessed by the lack of responses. i swear i have 2 more scars now.
  3. i was walking thru the mall with friends and the girl working at the proactve kiosk jumped out at me & said proactive will clear my acne in one week. I was so mortified as i was with a boy i liked. i gave her the finger & walked away. i then made an official complaint. She got fired the next day & no one else at the kiosk ever commented on someone's acne. they were specifically told to wait for someone to ask about the product. And still they were not allowed to comment on the acne
  4. I've been using this for 3 days now. I don't use the spf lotion that comes with it because I read other ppl broke out with it. So to be safe I use my own which is CereVe lotion. I use a pressed powder with spf when i go outside. I did get 2 tiny tiny whiteheads but I think it's from the flaxseed oil that I just started taking to ease depression. Now I haven't seen too much improvement on my scars but my pores look tight & my overall skin tone is evened out. The scar cream is thick
  5. i was wondering if you could pay for a tatoo but with no color. y'know, have it done on yer face cuz it would be cheeper than needling. jus a thought.
  6. i stopped using acv cuz the damn smell was driving me bonkers & givin me fucking headaches ALL THE TIME! i stopped about 4-5 days ago & i swear my scars are coming back a lil. so i think it was jus plumping up the scars insted of healing them. i don't wanna have to use the acv all the fucking time. my headaches finally went away since i stopped using acv. I got acne free scar eraser.I'm starting tonight. i'll start a thread about that to track my progress for u guys.
  7. i like clinique's active white...well now it's called derma white. it's a pressed powder foundation & it reallyhelps even out skin tone. it was made for Asian skin. I have very white skin as I am Icelandic. this powder does not break me out either.
  8. my mum uses vaseline under her eyes and she has no wrinkles there whatsoever and she's 49. my mum got the idea from her mum who put it all over her face since age 16 to age 87 & she had very few wrinkles. my sister is 20 and she has tons of under eye wrinkles but that could be from indoor tanning which i'll never ever do. but i will try the vaseline under my eyes. altho i'm not brave enough to put it all over my face. god post btw.
  9. I find this to be very informative. i like to read other ppl's posts too. http://www.agelessforever.net/qanda.asp http://www.lvcosmeticsurgery.com/QandAPost.asp
  10. it took the focus off the other things i hate about my appearance.