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  1. lol that is awesome-- Ya so you understand that winter is just a no-go and we become hermits on days of -50*C windchill. i do love winnipeg though.... most of the time at least!
  2. I was watching Oprah one day-- they had that Dr. on-- he said everyone north of oklahoma or something(i forget what city or state it was) Doesn't get enough sun in winter, thus not enough vitamin D in winter. 2 questions: does spf diminish your bodies ability to create vit. D as well? Does vitamin D help heal red marks? Personally i know living in manitoba, canada-- i get NO sun in winter, my red marks stay until the first sunny week of the year.. and then are gone. I wear spf sometime
  3. Where can i get Green Cream in canada? i don't like ordering online... (but in the end if i have too....what is the site!) thanks!
  4. it isn't a myth persay. like no they don't have front doors. but cold and heat have an affect on your skin. when your skin is cool the vessels in it are constricted.. anything below surface level in the epidermis is not exposed to air. when you get hot--vessels dilate exposing more surfaces of the epidermis--they "open" up to allow for sweating, etc.
  5. how old are you? Growing up... till i was 18... i was the biggest tom boy ever, first day of kindergarten my mom made me SWEAR that i would Not tell the teacher that I was a Boy (for i am through and through a girl). I played hockey on a boys team, was considered one of the guys. I never wore dresses or make up, overall i dressed like a boy. And pondered about how easy it would be to be a guy. I was somewhat cute though and was asked out a few times, and would turn super awkward at the thou
  6. b4h


    My GP just prescribed Diane-35.... Gah. So, The Good, the bad, and the ugly..... what is it?
  7. I am hoping to get on Tane.. soon, However, I really want to train for a 1/2 marathon (13 miles) for mid June (Father's Day). And i have a really strenuous work/school schedule. gah. Is it doable?
  8. I found when i just used baking soda masks.. for a while.. that it caused me breakouts: using baking soda--leaves your skin basic, may cause irritation(breakouts) after prolonged use. If you do ACV after.... brings skin back to regular pH. which i think is better. But, i switched away from both... because i got irritation... maybe i just have super sensitive skin though
  9. Hey..... That is practically what i am doing. just a gentle cleanser(spectrojel) and Moisturize a TON at night. I find the more moisture i apply the less i break out too. i think it provides a breathable seal-- If there is any p.acnes on my pillow-- won't be able to get through the moisture, deep in my skin. But ya.... So far, with vitamins (complex B50 and Vitamin A--just a lil) been great. However, as i just said in my previous post.... NOTHING new for 3-4 weeks. and now i got a few cl
  10. I used to do all these steps and what not but now i've laid back.... My regime... Night wash with spectrojel. Aveeno moisturizer Sudocrem Morning wash with spectrojel make up. Every Day take B5 Complex, and Vitamin A(just ONE lil' capsule). When i started taking the vitamins and sudocrem(happened to start at the same time.) I didn't have any new outbreaks for roughly 3 weeks. I usually get like one cyst that time of month, and small papules weekly for sure. So for 3 weeks everything has b
  11. Hey, ah, seeing something dentistry related kind of tweeked my interest, as i am in dental school as we speak. You know, I am going to ask my professor what a Metal retainer is made from, I am pretty sure it isn't stainless steel. but i'm just a student. I'll try to remember to ask on monday at school. Cause ifyou know the exact metal--you'd think you could figure out how bad it is. However, it may just be the same stuff that braces are made of.... which then shouldn't make a difference
  12. but bathing? does that work? very little steaming.... and you don't have to wet your face... i bet it does. And like in summer... camping... my face never breaks out, it is always my biggest worry.... i could see how this may work for a BIT. but lifetime? doubt it. especially if your a girl wearing makeup!
  13. and... salt in general(not sea salt) is very comedogenic because they have to put Iodine in it. That is government regulated in most developed countries, because if people lack iodine, they get thyroid problems, and goiters. But too much iodine causes acne. or so i've heard.
  14. I am almost certain that this has been addressed somewhere, but does 100% Vitamin E Oil clog your pores? I have heard that vit. E oil has so many pros. Some sites have claimed it to be non-comedogenic, others claim it will aggrevate acne. Anyone know from experience? or heard from others? Thanks for your time
  15. ya.... i probably will. Like i was thinking... i guess in summer we camp and such and i don't wear make up.... so he has seen me without! But in Winter, AH, my skin becomes horrible.. i would never.... he has seen me put it on a few times... but definitly doens't know i do it all the time. ah... i wish i just wouldn't need it