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  1. mh2k5

    accutane worked :)

  2. DAY 6-7 Yesterday skin was overall really clear than before However later in the day a HUGE CYST APPEARED....I have never seen a cyst like this (lol i know you like that rhyme) I touched it and it felt like there was a marble in it...disgusting However i woke up today and a shrunk a ton thankkk god well goin to the hamptons so gotta get ready
  3. DAY 5 ok today was real weird...my skin was super oily yet my face was really dry...dry enough for my skin to be peeling off and felt as if my face was real tight...okay so this is another short update because im super tired alrite gnite all
  4. ha alrite thanks....so i took my pill today.....should i start by taking in the afternoon 2morrow?????
  5. im taking it in the morning....is it possible to switch...lol i already switched from dinner to breakfast because i thought i would forget...should i switch back???`
  6. DAY 4 so yea my skin looked pretty clear last night except for one uglyyyy cyst ehhhh....but today a few zits popped up...sux huh...well i gotta go to basbeall lataaa
  7. 40 mg a day on sotret...do u no how much ur derm is goin to put u on
  8. lol ne one???? jus need to know so i dont mess up or nething
  9. hey good luck...keep me posted on how everything goes...lookin 4ward to hearin about it...i jus started 3day ago so we'll see how it goes lol take care
  10. DAY 3 Wow so woke up today to find that my face was covered in oil...i dont usually have oily skin so its a little uncomfortable...also woke up to find out i have a delay today ....ne ways hope this oil goes away soon cause it suxxxxxxxxxxx.... i woke up with a couple zits to..not to bad tho
  11. alrite thanks...i jus wanted to start taking them in the morning cause i feel i would prob forget in the after noon
  12. but if i took it at 8:30 last night and take it in the morning today...would that make a difference or nah