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  1. If you have been on his regimen since June 12 of 2007, are you breaking out from the moisturizer??? It seems you have been following it for a LONG time and using his products solely. If that is the case, you must have had good outcome with his products. I'm considering using his products as a kit (like you have been doing) and want to know what people think of the products. If this one ingredient is comedogenic as you are stating, are you actually getting clogged pores from it or are you jus
  2. Thank you. Good idea to try the samples. As for SA cleansers, I sometimes seem to get small bumps on my forehead that never go away and I always attibute that to SA cleansers. So, i'll have to try his cleanser also. Thanks for your reply. I'm glad you have had luck with his products. I may have to give them a try (I've tried EVERYTHING ELSE like most of us have!)
  3. I have followed Dan's system on and off for years (before he had is own product). The premise of a cleanser, a lot of BP and a moisturizer seemed simple enough yet EVERYBODY used so many various brands and combinations to achieve his suggested system. To this day, I have not found a cleanser I like. That is my biggest concern. I have come "this close" to ordering PROACTIV and saw SO MANY bad reports on here about it that decided not to and instead, try Dan's approach again. SO, I was consi
  4. Are you using Dan's actual products (the acne.org cleaner and treatment?) I was considering purchasing the kit myself. I have been a member on here for a few years (before he had a product line available) and the hardest thing for me to find and still is to this day is a CLEANSER that I like. So, i was wondering if his cleanser may be one I would like and would not seem to cause breakouts as I feel some cleansers I have tried in the past have done.
  5. Thanks for your info Sara. I would probably just do it 1x a day anyway and I'm going to just focus on my forehead first to see how it goes since that is my main problem area along with my temple areas. john
  6. Hey everybody, just wondering if any of you ever tried the acne products by either one of these companies. A female friend of mine has been using OBAGI skin system for normal to dry skin with the 3 step system and said she loves it and her acne problems are only about 10% now of what they used to be, so in essence, about no issues. I did a search for OBAGI to read more and came upon a website that lists a bunch of products. While going through it, I came upon the PCA products which have good
  7. I know you are not supposed to take any Vitamin A supplements while on Tane. But after reading so much about Tane being a derivative of Vitamin A, wouldn't it be safer to just take Vitamin A to try to get the same results??? Does anybody know if taking Vit A regularly would help reduce acne? Derm prescribed me Tane 2 months back but I never went through with it. Still debating wheter or not I want to go through with it and take the associated risks. Seems that there has to be something to t
  8. Hey MattyMatt, I have the same issue. I'm not on Tane and never was (thinking about it) but my face always seems to end up worse after using topicals for a few months. Everyone raves about Retin-A. It totally screwed up my skin. I stopped using all over my face months ago and my nose STILL peels constantly. It is crazy after I get out of the shower - - - just like you mentioned getting it wet as from getting out of pool or out of the ocean. I constantly feel I have to look in a mirror too
  9. Read some of the accutane logs by many of the members on here who were kind enough to keep them for us to follow. I read Jordan19's log from start to finish and found it very informative. I believe he brings up his blood test results a few times and the triglycerides were very elevated at one point.
  10. Hey Cubsin2100, According to the IPledge pamplet, vision problems ARE a side effect (and yet another reason why I'm totally freaked about taking Accutane now and still haven't begun). Here is what the pamphlet says word for word: Vision Problems - Isotretinoin may affect your ablility to see in the dark. This condition usually clears up after you stop taking isotretinoin, but it may be permanent. Other serious eye effects can occur. Stop taking isotretinoin and call your doctor right away
  11. Do you feel better NOT having the acne or WORSE from the hair loss? That sure is a tough one to answer. I don't know how I would feel about that either. Hair loss isn't really even brought up in the IPledge pamphlet or else I missed it when I read through it. I also shave my hair (buzzed all over) but there is a difference in that look and the bald look definitely. I sympathize with your hair loss. How long have you been off the tane? Do you think the hair will improve once you are off it
  12. Thanks ScoobyDoo and Jordan19 for your positive responses. I've heard this before that many regret WAITING to take it because of the positive results. Sometimes I see people, such as many I work with, who have constantly perfect skin - - - part of me just wants to ask them if they were ever on Accutane. You just don't know, that is what my derm said when I told him that I'm constantly looking at other people's faces when I talk to them and nobody else where I work has skin as bad as me (and
  13. I'm just interested in how it changed your appearance and emotional state because ironically that is what we WANT to have happen - - - a clear face to be the appearance change and happiness or higher self confidence being the emotional state change. I have read mostly positive replies from folks who took tane but DO believe it is a dangerous drug otherwise there wouldn't be such hype with all the Ipledge statutes and required monthly bloodtests. That is all very scary to me. As far as many
  14. Wow, clear for the next 6-7 years? I think I'd be estatic just being clear for 6 to 7 weeks. Heck, I couldn't even imagine!!! That is great! I guess I'll just have to remember not to trim the toenails too short while on the tane (if I decide to do it). Thanks for the info. GB2
  15. Hi Yvette, Thanks for the info and glad to hear you are having such positive results. I weigh around 135 lbs. My course is supposed to be for 5 months. I can't remember if the derm was going to bump up the dosage in the final few months or not. I suppose that would be determined by how my skin was responding. Anyway, hearing your good results on such a low dose does make me wary that he's starting me at 40mg. Especially since you say it kicked in so soon at that lower dosage. UGGGG - LO
  16. Well, I've been dealing with acne for over 10 years. I'm a 34 yo male. My derm finally decided to put me on Accutane after being on numerous antibiotics and topicals. After reading the IPledge pamphlet, I'm almost afraid to even start taking the drug. I was wondering if most people on here who took the drug were eventually pleased with the results. Did anybody suffer from any really serious side effects over the joint pain, nose bleeds and dry skin and lips? Reading the IPledge packet made
  17. DLT80, I have been on Bactrim continuously for almost 3 months now and I'm not satisfied with the results at all. I have been following (for the first time in my life) the EXACT regimen prescribed by the doctor which is pretty simple. I wash with a salicylic wash twice a day (currently using Phisoderm) morning and night. In the morning I take my Bactrim pill and at night I apply RetinAMicro .04% in the pump. My skin was very irradic when I started. It took a good 2 weeks for my skin to st
  18. I started washing my face with just water. I put on moisturizer in the morning and night to keep it from getting too dry because I live in New England or else if I live in a warmer climate I wouldnt even bother with that. To my suprise my acne started to get clear and clear every month and I'm in my 4 month now and my acne is about 90% gone. I also tried antibiotic and a bunch of cream before I took Accutane as well. They do not work for me. All they do is make things worst. I would get acne pl
  19. I thought Accutane was supposedly BAD for you despite having good results on the skin. I saw a few posts on acne.org message boards where people have used Accutane and said they got great results and that the results last for a long time even after you go off of it. One person reported having a clear complection for 6 years after going off accutane. Do others have experience with it. I couldn't even imagine having clear skin for a whole month or a whole year let along 6 years. Why don't mor
  20. Everytime I do some online research to find different ways of treating acne, I always seem to see sites that say DO NOT put your fingers to your face or pop your acne. WHY??? Say you have a large pimple that has come to a head. Are you telling me you are supposed to let it like that? When I finally pop a really painful zit it is like I'm letting all the bad stuff out and then the pimple ends up healing. What happens if you just let is sit like that with the pus inside? Are they saying it w
  21. I almost tend to feel the same way. I went to the Dermatologist initially for acne around and under my chin/neck area. I got a BP type wash called Brevoxyl which at first I really liked. I also had another facial wash that had Glycolic acid in it. I swear, ever since I began using these products (2 years ago) my face is so unsettled and I get acne all over it now rather than in one concentrated area as in the beginning. I tried Biore Ice Wash which is salicyclic acid - - - liked that at fir
  22. I must have read the same thing you did. I also bought the B5 but there is NO WAY i'm taking that quantity per day. I think that is very unsafe. I believe there is medical evidence that pantothenic acid keeps your cortisol hormone levels in check. Cortisol contributes to excess sebum production. Stop excess cortisol, stop excess sebum . . . at least that is what I'm hoping will happen for me. I have a very oily "T" zone and within the past 6 months have been getting zits on my forehead whe
  23. I tried "Bye Bye Blemish" with is 10% sulfur and I did not get good results at all. It made the blemishes redder or more painful. Some dried up but for the most part it seemed as though it made my face worse. It has a horrible smell and if you get it in your eyes while taking a shower (if it rinses off your forehead for instance), it really burns worse than soap and stays irritated for awhile. It has a horrible smell and it can stain your pillowcases. I know sulfur is sometimes mixed in wit