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  1. It definately increased substantually. Wasnt very active before it. Never really played sports. Got pretty winded running 1 mile around the track back home. Now I run 4 miles 3 times a week sometimes carrying a guide-on
  2. I dont wanna agree or disagree. I'd liketo say that sounds correct but Im not a real expert in the area. I do think the stress and eating better and physical training is a good thing. Would be nice if your theory was correct because it seemsto include a lot of the factors (puberty/stress/foods) Never really was a food planner person so I couldnt tell you exactly what kinda foods I eat. Usually some meat (chicken/steak/meatloaf), whatever side they have and a salad for lunch and dinner. Past coup
  3. Yeah my families having financial issues too, my mom might have to get a sad old person's job next year because the economy is really bad where they live and their mom and pop store they own isnt doing so well. Just dont let problems work against you mentally along with the physical (financial) part.
  4. Isnt a problem for me. Is it possible were you stressed out or something? Acne is a relaly complex issue, seems a lot of people have different triggers. Kind of like asthma. Never knew I had asthma til I was stationed in the desert, they always say to know you're triggers. Its not something you catch though (asthma), you're born with it but different stuff sets it off. I dont think acne is as permanent or lasting but from my completely unproffesional observation based on stuff like this, seem
  5. Thats the thing i really dont anymore other than when I take showers once after physical training in the morning sometimes twice a day when im not lazy, and I dont really pay any more attention to my face than necessary. All my .05% BP (?) I used to use is sitting where I left it in my cabinet back home a year and a half ago. I dont make sure I change my pillowcase every week or anything (whcih i probably should anyway but thats another story). Not sayingthese things dont help, but its something
  6. Someone told me sweating is a natural skin cleaning thingie and i believe it. Just wipe it off or take a shower afterward, dont freak out and scrub your face afterwards. I dont think sweating causes acne as long as it doesnt stay on your face for extended periods of time. Makes perfect sense to me..sweat comes from inside and leaves your body, seems like it could only be seen as a cleaning mechanism to me. really? i thought that sweat had no effects on acne.... or maybe thats just back acn
  7. Vitamin C cant hurt, I used to take vitamins all the time. Being healthy in one way or another shouldnt hurt your complexion, could be wrong I suppose. But either way taking vitamins daily and drinking plenty of fluids cant hurt.
  8. I'm never really what sure what did the trick but I used to come here in 2004-2005 and then I joined the army in August 05 and not even halfway through basic training my face was completely cleared up. I've only had couple problems since then with a couple little pimples showing up around my nose which makes shaving a little uncomfortable. I keep meaning to come back and post this but I forget. I suppose it could have been a coincidence but it really happened within the matter of a month, and
  9. yeh i'm probly single just cuz i have acne. mine isn't that bad compared to most people. the fact is, i get compliments from girls when i'm clear. i've got my senior picture i had taken 5 weeks ago and i look good because i'm mostly clear. now my face is all ****ed up. i'm sure this is the reason because i have been on the same doing good with girls when i'm clear, not when i'm not (with some exceptions) for liek ever. at least i get clear sometimes. all i have to do is drink like 2 nesteas a
  10. I moved from California to Pennsylvania back in the summer of 2001. Moving was very stressfull too... :)
  11. lol... OH great. Look at the response to my poll 50-50. Man, I was hoping I was wrong about the connecton between diet and acne.
  12. Hewo. I too suffer from acne I have read so many different places that diet has not been proven to effect acne. I don't understand how this can be. I suffer so much to cut out sweet stuff...it can't all be for nothing. I used to eat normal...whatever I wanted to. There were times when I could do this and eat as much sugar as I wanted and my acne didn't seem to be too effected too much. I look at my last year's school photo...my face is almost completely clear and I ate normal back then. Bu