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  1. your almost there man. you must be excited. Are you cleared up yet? no actives to speak of?
  2. if i saw that picture on a site that wasnt related to acne, I wouldnt notice you had any skin problems whatsoever. Im being serious, your skin looks great to me, no red marks and very little acne. Thats what most people on this board would love the most in the world, and you have it. Your skin is a little pink, but your derm is right, its just the drug, accutane is meant to give you a sunburnt kind of look while your on it. After a few weeks to a month off the drug you should be 100% clear
  3. Im 2.5 months in and just getting over a bad breakout. Accutane is a good drug, people just have unrealistic expectations.
  4. They don't have a cure for acne. Just because they can send a man to the moon doesn't mean they can cure acne. They can't even cure a common cold can they? Some things aren't easy to get rid of.
  5. hey man, try to get some tinted moisturiser, it helps even out my skin tone, im on accutane and i get really red faced and my marks stand out.
  6. My derm ahs been good to me, he answers all my questions well and when I needed to see him when I didnt have an appointment, he made time. But.... I goty a reaction to the drug and my face went REALLY red so I gave him a call and he said to use vaseline as a moisturiser, so thats fine, I did. Then i had an appointment about 3 days later and he asked how I was moisturising, and I said I was using vaseline and he said. "Oh, thats probably too thick for your skin, dont use that, use cetaphil inst
  7. ever considered it might be rosacea and not just facial redness......
  8. go to a derm and ask if he can recommend shaving products.
  9. I took ym first pills last night The bottle of pillsl says to take 2 three times a day, so thats 6 pills! Hopefully I see results soon
  10. I do use make up and I feel better, but yes, knowing that my skin underneath is even worse just make sme depressed even more. Can't wait till accutane is done and im totally clear and wont need it!!!
  11. I just started taking omega 3 supplements. Its meant to help skin a lot, it gets rid of inflammation.
  12. im in the same boat. I so want to be off this drug, but I dont want pimples anymore, so im sticking to accutane. It will be worth it in the long run. Im taking omega 3 supplements at the moment which reduces inflammation and helps scar tissue, so that should help with the redness and prevent my red marks being so red in future. 73 days of accutane down, so 2 and a half months gone. 3 and a half elft, cant wait till its done!!!