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  1. I was wondering if the bigger regimen gel bottle was also "airplane friendly". I am not sure what is and what is not allowed to be brought on an airplane these days and I am going on vacation for the summer. Anyone Know?
  2. I was wondering how long it takes some people to rub the BP in? Ive read posts where it takes some people 10 minutes and some people 30 seconds. I would say it takes me around 7 minutes to do my whole face.
  3. so i am dude using dkr and i am almost 100 percent clear all the time. I wanted to grow my hair out a lil bit and recently it has gotten quite long and somehow settles on my forehead and irritates the skin there i wanted to get a hair cut but it seems everynight it gets worse and i see a new pimple everyday and in addition for some reason these spots are hard to remove and stay for quite a while i want to get a haircut but i want to get rid of these spots before i do anything i can do to keep ha
  4. has any1 ever stopped using the regimen and stayed clear? or is there a phase where one breaks out and then after that stays clear when going of the regimen?
  5. has anyone tried neutrogena microclear it claims to be stronger then bp but without irritation heres the website http://www.neutrogena.com/microclear/technology.asp
  6. I just switched and dkr bp takes longer to rub in but does not leave any white marks also i was wondering if any of the ingredients in dkr bp that are no in neutrogena on the spot could cause me to break out and i was wondering how long i would have to wait to see a difference in the 2 I am mostly cleare now went from moderate acne to an infrequent pimple here and there and i am asking these questions becasue i do not want ruin all the work i have put in clearing my skin
  7. i dont moisturzie just use bp and im clear but still oily maybe i should start
  8. if you work out and thats wy u need the extra washing then just plan ur day so u take a shower after working out
  9. archer99


    isnt sa bad when mixed wit bp
  10. r u using just moisturizer for acne treatment
  11. working out makes me sweat im not sure if it causes acne though i work out with the bp on my face then shower afterwords and im planning on being outside a lot during spring break what should i do
  12. i have this problem 2 and i was thinking of only washing once a day over spring break and maybe just going out in the sun instead of using bp
  13. ok i heard if you just shower with water and soap and maybe wash your hair once in a while your natural oils will become resistant to acne type germs and all the bad stuff and you will become balanced and actually pretty clean....i heard this because when one of my teachers said he went on a long trip he did not shower for 3 weeks and by the second week he became naturally clean.. im not saying try this becaue im not all 100 percent sure but tell me what you think i mean at this point anythings