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  1. I have come to depend on shopping at Whole Foods for my gluten and dairy-free foods. They have quite a nice selection and make eating this way more bearable.
  2. The holistic doctor told me I was very dairy and gluten sensitive. Staying away from those foods for 4 months now has made my face almost completely acne free. It sucked at first seeing that cheese and bread were like my favorite foods. Now I can easily live with their alternatives.
  3. I take one Floragen-3 capsule every day. It seriously has worked wonders. My toenail fungus and acne has cleared up (I am also taking some other supplements and staying away from agravating foods).
  4. what supplements did she give you? Just a note to begin with. Everything I am taking is safe and natural and has been "prescribed" by a holistic doctor in accordance with my own personal needs. I don't recommend duplicating this regimen for yourself. Everyone's body is different and all supplements whould be recommended by a doctor and researched before taken. Here is what had been working for me: In terms of supplements, she gave me 3 mandatory ones taken each day. They address the
  5. I have had adult acne for a couple years, bad, IMO. Antibiotics, bp, light treatments, retinols, birth control pills, vitamins, all have helnped slightly, but only were treating the symptoms. I was frustrated and feeling at a loss. My aunt recommended I see this holistic doctor that she says has helped countless people in her neighborhood for all sorts of non-life threatening health issues. I went to this holistic doctor that assesses your body with Electro-Acupuncture. EAV assessments indi
  6. I am definitely trying this next period. Nothing works for me, so if this does, I will be in heaven. Have to wait a couple weeks, though, my period just ended. Thanks for the tip even it it doesn't help!
  7. I'll try to explain it as best I can. The bacteria types that actually forms pustules isn't killed by the light (staph, strep etc. etc.); no it kills the bacteria that blocks the pores- P.Acnes. By now P.Acnes should be all but eradicated but your pores are still blocked, so they will continue to burst open until they've cleared themselves out. That takes 3 months, because that's how fast your skin grows. But because P.Acnes is gone, very few pores will block up from now on. You should hopefu
  8. I have been using the blue/red light lamp for 2 weeks now, and I have seen a slight increase in breakouts. I don't know if this is normal, but either my skin is hyper-sensitive to the lamp, or perhaps the lamp is bringing all bacteria to the surface (I thought the light was supposed to be killing the bacteria)??? I know this should take 8 weeks to see improvements, but I wonder if anyone else went through the same thing before seeing good results.
  9. i just got the clearwave http://www.veriluxstore.com/products/clearwave.htm light a few days ago and still too early to say it works (supposed to see results in 8-12 weeks). If your acne is confined to one area on your face, then the handheld might be sufficient. Otherwise, the desktop is a good way to go.
  10. instead of a UV device, just buy a safe alternative, like a blue + red light device. I am using this one now. I just started a few days ago, but my skin, like yours, does better in the summer sun, so i thought i'd give the light a try. http://www.veriluxstore.com/products/clearwave.htm there are other lights out there if you search the web.
  11. I just ordered this one: http://www.veriluxstore.com/products/clearwave.htm looks good and cheap!
  12. i just ordered this one. I have mild/moderate acne, which worstens when winter kicks in. Antibiotics no longer work for me, so this is the next best bet. [edited link out] I'll give any feedback after I have been using it for awhile.
  13. I just ordered one from this site. Looks good to me. Going to be the first time I use one. My skin isn't terrible, but it does suffer a lot more in the winter. Plus, i think my mood suffers in the winter, as well, so this light will do me good. http://www.veriluxstore.com/products/clearwave.htm
  14. perhaps they strip your face of all oil, which can cue up your glands to secrete MORE oil to compensate.
  15. Yeah, i read that yesterday in the science times. I kinda sspected that, due to that idea that hormones are the main aggrevator of acne. I stopped drinking milk a while ago, though.