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  1. As far as green tea goes, I drink 1-3 cups a day, with honey (locally made, raw, unfiltered, unprocessed), steep for about 3 minutes, take the bag out in press it gently in sections all over my face. White tea works this way as well (same plant, it's just harvested earlier in the year when the tree is still budding, and contains a higher concentration of antioxidants). ACV I use topically after steaming and then massaging my face. None of these things, to my knowledge, prevent acne from develop
  2. Will this regimen tamper with protein digestion/absorption?
  3. Would using ACV internally conflict with the positive effects of vitamins and antioxidants? I want to get clear and stay clear, but I don't want to lose the goods...
  4. Well I suppose now's as good a time as any to brave the transmission from D-calcium Pantothenate to Pantethine, since Acne Miracle's disappearing act has left me Vitacure as my only other viable option for the powder--and Vitacure does absolutely nothing. My only concern is whether I should taper off of the B5 and start off slow with the Pantethine or just dump the powder and start taking 450-900 mg/day of Pantethine. Suggestions?
  5. The only problem with dairy products that's surfaced for me is the recent finding that claims "milk wrecks the benefits of tea" posted on New Science this month and implies that casein inhibits the effects of antioxidants. Unfortunately, the article doesn't specify whether all dairy products do this, whether all food sources of antioxidants are effected by casein consumption, or, most importantly, what all positive effects of antioxidants are inhibited exactly, e.g., the protection against free
  6. This is the first mention I've ever seen of B5 having any deleterious neurological effects, but now that I think on it, I have noticed some degenerative changes in my memory, whereas I've always proven to have some exceptional mnemonic talents; but this could be owed to certain other factors, such as being 26 and playing with party favors of various sorts, some rather questionable, which one may want to consider while considering any brain damage a B vitamin might be causing. Either way, there
  7. Is there a suggested alternative anywhere in these 47 pages for Acne Miracle now that their entire business has completely buckled? I was on the stuff for about two years with great results (i.e., clear skin, the only one I was looking for) and now I've had to switch to Vitacure. Vitacure does nothing, and the only other option I know of would be Vilantae, which appears to be twice as expensive as Acne Miracle.
  8. I'm really wondering not only the same thing as well, but why more than two months have passed since this question was asked and we're the only ones wondering at all. I've had to switch to Vitacure (the powder) and I may as well not be taking anything at all. I've even upgraded to 10mg/day of biotin, I've completely cut out trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, and as much saturated fats and casein (milk protein) as possible, and I'm still getting herpface. As sorry