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  1. i wish i could but im pretty sure im to young to make derm appointments for myself and go , it would probably also cost a large amount of money :S
  2. Yeah , these definatly never reach the size of 2 cms across maybe like 4 or 5 millimetres maximum. But that rubber sac story sounds nasty , although i dont think its my case because right now the "scars" or whatever are so small and i can fell them , theres as far as i know no "rubber sac" its quite confusing and beyond using a simple cleanser to fix. I wll ask my doctor but thanks for the tips/advice guys
  3. On the right side of my nose i've had 2 ... cysts? i think . And anyways i did was i not supposed to do and thats pop/squeeze/pick etcs . I dont think they healed properly so now they are two little red very small bumps in the same spot they were when i first got them. Now at first you might think , oh they are just red scars . But from time to time they inflame and become mini-cysts and the scars never go away theyve always been there. I heard something like cysts have sacs or walls that never
  4. IF or WHHEN i get a compliment I never take it the way it's meant . For example I was at my freinds house and they were putting on some face moisturizing cream and they're mom was like doesn't he (me) want any? So he said no he doesnt use this stuff , His mom replied by saying " oh i guess he already has good skin" with a little giggle. That whole day i was extra self concious about my skin , because there was no way she thought i had good skin.
  5. You know what really grinds my gears? Is when im sitting in class with the lights off , then they come back on and it feels like there's a personal spotlight on my face and I realize once again im ugly. You know what really grinds my gears? When im on kind of a streak of clear skin then I go and do something really stupid and break out again. You know what really grinds my gears? Unhelpful derms that actually have no idea what they are talking about and really don't help you , it makes you fee
  6. Well one thing that's forsure is diet/health or hygiene habits have zero affect on acne . I know people that eat mcdonalds , smoke , and probably have nothing more than average hygiene habits yet have perfect skin .
  7. Since ive gotten acne ive gone through alot of state of minds , and have been Very theoretical in my thinking , contimplating religion , karma , and science for my acne . But the one question that can apply to anything really that has always bugged me is why? why do i have acne? now i don't want to argue about different beleifs but I always seem to think god has given me acne for a reason. I guess acne can have a huge affect on your personality and way of thinking and maybe i'm just being stup
  8. I never feel "cool" or "hot" although ive had those feelings before whenevr my skin is slightly clear . Now adays whenevr i get those feelings i tell myself to ignore them because they are only temporary.
  9. About the part of feeling like the only guy with acne trust me I know the feeling . Everyone in my school seems to be good looking , and even if they are dam ugly i feel they are better looking then me becus they have good skin . Ive only seen like two guys with it literally.
  10. I'm lonely , and what makes me even more depressed is the fact that I know I will probably be so for the rest of my life.
  11. I have both , mildly but trust me bro I would pick body acne over face acne ANY DAMNED DAY. Not saying it's good but ... not the worst either.
  12. One thing is forsure if you have acne or even the slightest form of it , people WILL notice . I don't think they are as critical as yourself might be but it definatly changes how they will act towards you. The only difference with most people and you (aslong as they are a decent person) is they wont actually say anything about your acne , as you might beat yourself up over it.
  13. Hey man I know how you feel , Happy birthday
  14. Im not in my prom year yet but I already know unless my face miraculously fixes i'm dead set on not going.