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  1. Not for sensitive skin.

    Very strong and not good for sensitive skin. Very harsh and wasn't for me.
  2. Tori Terzo

    I like it.

    I like it.

    This is a medium coverage product. If you have acne, it will show, but will hide a lot of blemishes as well. It has very light ivory skin tones, which personally is hard to find, and has been one of the only foundations that I have found in my skin tone. Personally, I like it, but it's not the best. Trying to find one that will work even better for me now.
  3. Really don't like this.

    Strongly do not like. this is litterally engraved into your face and almost impossible to get off. It gets into your pores and stays, and is hard to get out with even a makeup remover, and facial cleanser, you would have to go multiple times and there would still be some on. It cakes on to your face and is sticky. Also, when you put it on, you cannot leave it on for more then 2 seconds without rubbing it in or there will be a glob of foundation on your face that will not move anywhere.
  4. Terrible for sensitive skin.

    In my opinion, this is NOT good for acne. Especially if you have sensitive skin. It burns, and hurts around my eye area and is overall just terrible, and breaks me out. However, I have very sensitive so I think this would work on someone that didn't have sensitive skin, and acne in general.
  5. Not very good.

    This stuff is not good for highly sensitive skin. I recommend most of the Cetaphil products besides this one. Definitely wasn't good at all. However, i do use it for my body because I don't want to waste the product, and it's okay for that.
  6. This works very well, but for sensitive skin!

    Love, love, love! Highly recommend this for how sensitive it is on your skin. For me, I have really sensitive skin and anything harsh makes me breakout. I have been using this for 5 years, and it has always done the job of cleaning my face, as well as not getting too dry or making me breakout. TRY IT!
  7. Recommend it!

    Been struggling with acne for a long time, and this stuff has been one of the few things that have worked. Highly recommend.
  8. A gentle soap, will keep using it!

    Just started using the Cetaphil soap about two months ago, but I've been using the facial cleanser for years because it's the only thing sensitive enough for my skin. Really love this soap because it's not harsh and helps with breakouts. Although it doesn't cure your acne, it helps along with it though.