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  1. Yeah like Aussie said, it sounds like it might be fungal acne. Do a little google search on fungal acne, see if your acne looks like that type of acne. Fungal acne typically looks like uniformed red bumps, instead of having huge cystic bumps and black heads and etc... But you can have both acne and fungal acne, it's just that the fungal acne will feed and thrive off moisturizer. Also you might have dandruff, white tongue, itchy face? Not that you defiantly have fungal acne, but when you say you
  2. In my experiences (after seeing many dermatologists throughout my years, I'm 28 now), I'd say that it would be enough for accutane. Of course most people will probably say no because they don't agree with accutane and the health issues that might come from it. It also heavily depends on which doctor you see as well. But just from an unbiased stand point, I believe you would qualify for accutane. Personally I would stay away from it, but it's your choice to make. There are pretty solid routines a
  3. @MindfulTiler Sorry for the late response! I've had incredible success with the Mandelic face and body wash. Though the face wash alone isn't the key, it's the combination of multiple products I use in a morning and afternoon routine. Even though the routine only takes like 10 minutes of my time at most, I worked my way up after 2 or 3 months to get to the point I am at now. For example, the routine changes slightly every month. You have to build yourself up to the point that I am at now with th
  4. @Aussie Scientist Yeah next time I go see my dermatologist (tomorrow!), I'm going to bring up fungal acne. I live in an area that's extremely, I mean EXTREMELY humid, and it seams like they thrive even more in those conditions. Not only that, but fungal acne looks like tons of very small pimples on your face, which is the biggest problem of mine. I just randomly had some Tea Tree Oil sitting around and I masked my face with it for about 20 minutes the other day, just thinking that maybe it would
  5. Saying that bacteria isn't a cause of acne is a very bold thing to put out there! That was an interesting read though, much appreciated. I think you are on the right track on finding a good method for preventing acne, but it still goes hand and hand with bacteria. This is my explanation. AHA basically helps break up dead skin cells, preventing them from things like sticking together and build up. So your body naturally produces sebum, which has the job of moisturizing your skin and hair fol
  6. Even accutane has its dangers. Not only that, I tried accuntane when I was younger, unfortunately didn't work for me :(. Not that it doesn't work for some, but it's not a cure for me. Yeah it's frustrating how some people have perfect skin throughout life and others (like myself) will never know what it's like to have a smooth face. Even if I do end up clearing up my acne, there will be a lot of scarring. It's interesting how science hasn't figured out yet why some humans are more prone to
  7. I use 10% BP on my face. It is basically on my face 24/7. I put it on in the morning, and in the evening before bed. You can't just jump into using 10% BP. I'd start with 2.5% or 5% and only apply it 30 mins a day for a week, then gradually increase it to 60 mins for a week, then 2 hours. Then I started leaving it on over night. Then after awhile, maybe a month of leaving it on over night, I started applying it in the morning and leaving it on during the day. Over time I was bumped up to a highe
  8. I go to an Acne specialist, she has me on TIZO2, it's 40 SPF. I'm sure you can buy it in different strengths. She's a really good specialist, very keen on paying attention to the things that is often overlooked but things that are actually pretty important, like the active and none active ingredients. She likes this sunscreen because it's amazing at protecting your face but also doesn't clog your pores. Idk, she goes into some scientific reasons for why she uses the products she uses, I'm not go
  9. Hello, I have two different 10% Benzoyl Peroxide creams that I bought recently. One I bought from my doctor, it is over the counter though. It is roughly $20, here is the link to the product. https://www.artofskincare.com/face-reality-acne-med-10/?sku=FR0034&gclid=CjwKCAjwk7rmBRAaEiwAhDGhxF0JSrm8BTRIybkFZX-EOAP5bNjQSIvRW315nS5guLtFHNgi4E9V5RoCD_AQAvD_BwE The other 10% Benzoyl Peroxide cream I just bought at HEB as a temporary fix until I go back to my doctor. It was $3.50 after usi
  10. Hello, so my doctor has been giving me a "over the counter" medicine that has really helped my skin out tremendously. It's called Acne Med 10%, from a company called Face Reality Skincare. Here is the link to the product https://facerealityskincare.com/products/10-acne-med I'd like to plan for the future, I don't always want to have to live near a doctor and have to drive down to them each and every time I want to buy this cream. They only sell it in bottles of 1 OZ, which lasts only a week
  11. Hey Tom, actually I really don't wear PPE gear too often! The company I work at does a lot of service calls and smaller jobs (no ground ups) and most of the time hard hats and safety glasses aren't required. At least for my section of the company, but sometimes It's required if we're working in a place like a factory or warehouse where it is part of the warehouse rules. But I must say, I do wear hats like 90% of the time.. I'll look into the sea salt solution though, I do remember coming back fr
  12. Will do! Right now I wash my face in the morning (with soap). I also put moisturizer on to help trick my skin into preventing it from getting oily. After around 4 hours of working and after lunch, I'll wash my face with just water. Then when I get home from work I'll take a shower and wash with soap. I do this religiously on a daily basis. Unfortunately it is no where near enough ;(. I'll try out the sweat block, it looks like it actually tries to prevent you from sweating. I'm going to give it
  13. Hello! I'm new to this forum but I decided to sign up because I have a pretty frustrating question that hopefully someone might be able to shed some light on! I work as an Electrician and most of the time I end up sweating all over my face for most of the 8 hours in a day... After all these years, I have come to realize that it is sweating that is making me break out as much as I do. Recently I had a job for about a month where I worked in doors with nice cool AC :), and my acne over that period