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  1. Hello! I haven't been on here for a few days because I am just tired...and tired! Good to know that the first outbreak cleared...sorry to hear about your four new friends...don't feel discouraged...it only makes them stronger lol. If you think about it, you aren't even two months in, and do you've still got a little more than half way to go...which I know doesn't sound good...but you've still got alot of improving to do! Really...its kinda like you can only go up from here right? You're still on
  2. Hello! So glad accutane is working out for you. I am on 60mg a day now at Day 42 and I am using, and have been using, Vasaline Intensive Care Healing Moisturizer for my face. I got it at walmart and it comes in a little/medium size white tube with a blue lid. Its in the normal lotion section not only with the other face lotions. It was recommended to me before I started accutane...and I like it alot...doesn't feel greasy or block my pores at all! I love it, once its on, you can't even tell you p
  3. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    Once again, not sure if this is such a great picture (had to take them by myself this time) but I see improvment...I've still got a ways to go though, so lets hope in 4 months everything is peachy keen!!
  4. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    I don't know how great of a picture this is...but I think that the color of the spots has lessened...maybe its just me...lol
  5. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    This is just a front on picture of my face...my forehead has always been clear, so never saw a point...who would want to see my entire face anyhow...lmao! I am seeing improvement is the redness in my complexion for sure. I think its a combination of the acnefree scar eraser and accutane. I am also noticing my red/purple spots aren't so dark...yay!
  6. Hello all! DAY 36 So, today I woke up with an old friend...lmao that just sounds silly...lmao Okay, let me start over...today I woke up with the return of my extreme back pain. Its crazy how it can just happen like that BOOM! Yesterday I was completely fine and this morning I woke up and when I got up and starting moving, the wind was knocked right out of me! It hurt so bad! So, MischaLatte, I'm not one of the lucky ones....can I join the club again? My eyes were so dry yesterday I think I used
  7. Day 35 My face is so dry and I think I may have gotten burnt just a little. I was outside with my mom and we were planting flowers. Its was like maybe 20 minutes, but it was super overcast, and of course we know its easy to burn that way. I know I have spf on...but I just feel like my face was toasted...and I'm red. More so than usual. The sides of my chin up to the corners of my lips, like I was saying, it hurts so bad. Its the only part of my face that you can see is dry, but boy is it dry, l
  8. Hello! I have only been back on accutane after my week of absense for 3 days and I am hoping that the back pain doesn't come back...but when I started accutane last month initially, it took a few weeks to start...so maybe yours will go away and mine will stay away. The derm did say for me to go off for about a week (of course thats not why I did it, it just happened that way) and that all my joint pains may go away. I am still SO with you on the being tired thing. Its 8:30 and I just woke up fro
  9. Day 34...or something like that... Hello, Its been 4 days on 60mg, and I itch... I need to get back into the habit of major moisturizer, and I won't lie and say that I have been, because that does no on any good. My hips are dry and itch and at night I just go crazy on them, most of the time breaking skin and adding pain to the itching. My face, right about the side of my chin towards the corner of my lips, its dry and its almost tight and a tad bit painful...I am no longer washing my face wi
  10. Hello, thank you for your message on my log. I did get the gel eyedrops today! I saw them as I was waiting in the ever long line at the pharmacy...and I was so thrilled...am going to go and see how they work for me before bed now. I am noticing I got a spot on my arm and on my chest...I am hoping thats all I get on my body...I'm not a fan of it either... Take care and hang in there! ~Jessica
  11. Okay, so.... Day 31 Today, or rather this evening, I was able to pick up my accutane...so yay for that! It just sucks I am now behind. My pills are brown instead of orange, lol, but I have to take 3-20mg at a time to get to 60mg...its a bit weird, and MAN do I have alot of packets...lmao I am not looking forward to getting back in the side effects, but anything for the name of clear skin I suppose! Its about 10:21pm here and I guess it time I head for bed...will kept all posted on new things!
  12. Thank you very much for stopping by my log it means alot. I know what you mean about the chapstick thing. I just pile it on, and its funny if someone is watching me because they give me this look like OKAY ENOUGH ALREADY! One girl in one of my classes asked me if it felt gross to have so much on all the time. I tried to explain that it actually feels so good compared to the latter...but she just didn't get it...*sigh...oh well...I don't care if I look like that chapstick freak...better the chaps
  13. Hello! I am sorry to hear about your outbreak, lol, reminds me of the monkey movie outbreak....lol Anyhoo...just look at it in the sense that you are now one step closer to clear skin! Its not even been two months, and just think about all of your face feeling and looking like your nose does right now at the end of this! lol Thats enough to make me happy I so paranoid that because its been almost a week of the accutane that I will suddenly break out all over again and its going to be a mess,
  14. Okay, well, I would like to just take a moment to present an award to MischaLatte for reading my entire last post *Hands A Nice Big Shiny Award Over* ........ Lmao Okay, lol so, it has, as of today, it has been five days that I have been off of Accutane, people are no smarter today than they were last time I was on here to post. It was finally approved to be filled yesterday, BUT, they were out of the meds, so they had to be ordered. I was told IF I WAS LUCKY, they would be in today, if not, I
  15. Hello, haven't seen anything of you in the past few days, hope that things are going better since this last post. I am awfully terrified I got too excited over a smooth nose and that I will wake up with cysts everywhere. They've upped my dose to 60mg a day now...eekk is really all I can say. Hope that things are going well and only get better....and oh...I know what you mean about your post on my log...lol I am already soft and am trying to get less soft...but its very hard while on this! I ju
  16. Well, lets see...This should be day 32...but it's not. Its almost funny because as I've been reading everyone else's logs, they all have at least one post on how stupid everyone is when it comes to this. If its not the IPLEDGE place, its the derm, and if its not that, its the people at the labs...and I always felt so bad for those people because WHAT A HASSLE Well, I went through problems with it all yesterday. I am only a day off becasue people are stupid, the other day, that is just because
  17. Hello Marcin, Thanks for the kind message you left in my log. I go tomorrow to see the derm to my get second months perscription, and I am not sure if they will up the dosage or not, but we shall see. I am only on 40mg a day now. Yes, at times, it is painful, but yes, in the end it will be worth it! I know what you mean about not having oily skin...I love that! Its not dry because I make sure and use lotion ALOT and I haven't had any new break outs at all. As far as if you stop using your bp if
  18. Day 27 I am so tired. So now, not only am I tired, but I cannot sleep for the world! The first night, I thought it was just some weird thing...then the second night, I thought it was because I was getting a cold...yay me, well, I didn't sleep but two hours last night, and that was after I layed there and cried and in frustration of being so utterly exhausted. I think I am starting to hit that emotional time of the month, and it just hit me hard last night. I hurt all the time, I'm tired, I d
  19. Hello...I haven't had my IB as well and I am only a few days short of a month being on Accutane. I know what you mean about working yourself up over getting it and bracing yourself...and then nothing happens. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones, or maybe, lol, our luck, we will both wake up tomorrow with horrible outbreaks...because we are jinxing ourselves...lmao FOr the last few weeks I wake up every day with horrible back pain as well...and the worst is I think I am getting a cold, so the
  20. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    This is my right side...and like I said, its the worse of the sides...maybe because its just more spread out...or maybe just because there is more...there will for sure be more scarring
  21. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    This is from my left side...it isn't as bad as my right side...but it seems to be more grouped rather than spread every where like on my right side. You can see the scar by my ear where I had a re-occuring cyst for the longest time!
  22. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    My face is very red....almost all the time, but it always was, even before I started accutane, so I know it didn't cause it...don't really know how to fix it, let's just hope it goes away with accutane.
  23. Hello! Thank you for stopping by my log and replying to my question. I am noticing I can go like 3 days without washing my hair and it looks just the same as if I had washed it that day...so no it doesn't sound disgusting to me...because I understand....just a quick wash of the body everyday...ghetto shower caps are SO in! lol and you're good to go. I am going to try intensive head and shoulders...lol its in a dark blue bottle and its orange...lol thats serious stuff, it doesn't smell as nice, b
  24. Day 25 Went yesterday to have blood taken for tests because my appointment is on Monday. I woke up this morning with the worst back pain ever it hurts when I sneeze...its very sad. lol I still don't have any oil on my face...didn't wash it with face wash all day yesterday, only just used a hot washcloth and still at 9:27 am the next day, there is no oil...its strange. My face was never really itchy before, but I think since friday its starting to itch a tad...enough to become annoying becasue
  25. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    You can accutally see all the marks in this pictures where the cysts have just eaten at my face...and made is all sunk in