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  1. ooo South Africa...can I come? Lol Omg, one advice....wear your sunscreen...even if you've never burned before you were on accutane...wear your sunscreen. I was outside last weekend sucking up leaves for a 20 minutes, and forgot about sunscreen and I burned the hell out of my face and arms, thankfully, I vingared it and to draw it all out and then just aloed the hell out of myself...but trust me. I live in desert city and I suggest that you just drink lots of water and sunscreen it up...lmao and
  2. Hello! I updated just for you! lol I just wanted to drop by quickly and say that from your pictures I think you've had good improvment...and sometimes people need two cycles of accutane to make it work 100% but I pray for your sake that that is not the case...you've still got some time left yet, so don't stress, maybe you're just having a really big IB and thats going to be what it takes for you to clear up. Maybe your skin is just purging and cleaning its self...I know it doesn you no good righ
  3. Aww I feel loved now!! lol It would be....Day Who The Hell Knows! Just Kidding...lol Day 72 So, for about oh, two weeks now I've had this new not so little friend about an inch and a half from the corner of the right side of my mouth...its ugly and its the first cyst I've had since I've started accutane. It seems a little crazy to me to be getting my IB when I am more than half way through my accutane treatment...this almost leads me to believe I am not on a high enough dosage...I've been on 6
  4. It depends when you can get it filled really....if you're test results are already in when he gives you the perscription, all you have to do is answer your IPLEDGE questions and then if you're 31 waiting period is over, fill your perscription...you derm will fill you in on when you can get it. Normally, if everything goes as it should, and trust me, if doesn't always, you can get it filled the same day, just as long as you answer your IPlEDGE questions before you try and fill it. Take care and g
  5. Hello! Trust me on this, don't sit around waiting for your IB, because I did and like after month two for me, I still didn't have it, and saw some people talking that they never even had an IB, and those that did had it very early on... so I got my hopes up that I wouldn't have an IB and woke up the other day...nearly 3 and half months in, and there was my IB...so please do yourself one favor hun, and don't sit around worrying about your IB. If it happens, oh trust me I and everyone else here
  6. Hello! Hopefully you are feeling ok...at least better and a little less pain free! Still so feel for you, because I've been in that boat...anyhoo...shame on you for missing nine days lol Just kidding, i've missed 3 myself I think...lol 2 in the last week since i've been sick. I've got enough pills to worry about...let alone adding something to it...lol So, were you lucky enough to be bumped up? I wasn't, I went like I don't know...2 weeks ago, and he said I had to stay on 60 for now, and then ne
  7. Ok, so its been a while, and when I was actually up to getting on here and updating everyone, I got sick, and I'm still sick, its been a week today of the worst cold ever! lol Knocked me right on my ass lol Go figure. I will be back in the next few days to fill in all the gaps and share my wonderful whats going ons lmao.....Take care all and hang in there! ~Jessica
  8. Aww, I think you need a hug...lol they should have a hug center for people on accutane, or a place where they can go and just cry or scream profanities...lol But...seeing how that probably won't happen, hang in there. I am about 3 and half months in and I am just now having what could be called and IB, thought I'd be one of the lucky ones...nope! lol I don't know how many there are, i'm afraid to count...at least two. Those pictures that were last posted in the gallery from me, its like, yeah ri
  9. Hello, I am so sorry to hear about the UTI, I know how painful it can be. I've had definite days where it feels like a UTI is coming on since I've been on Accutane and I slam the cranberry juice. I don't know if you've tried that or not, probably have, but, just in case, if you go and get at least 2 of the bigger bottles of cranberry juice (not cocktail) and drink a bottle a day (I know its alot, but its almost always worked for me) What antibotics were you on and how long did you take them for?
  10. Hello, sorry I haven't been around lately, things are rough, accutane involved and not accutane involved...I've been so emotional lately and to be a complete baby and just straight about it, it sucks! I plan to update my log in the next few days or so. Glad to hear things are going well enough for you, I know its hard to be sore all the time and not to do everything you used to do, but even if you are stuck on it for the full amount of time, it will be over soon enough. I hope for nothing but th
  11. I lost my chapstick...and anyone who's doing this...KNOWS how important chapstick is...it was the Aveeno and my favorite...and of course, when I went to walmart to get more...there wasn't any Very Depressing... ~Jessica
  12. I'm so jealous...lol it looks like even though you have a few scars, which still, lol you have such a wonderful skin complexion...its so even and just...grr. You're lucky, and I'm so glad for you it worked out...i've still three months left....Take care! Best of continuing luck! ~Jessica
  13. Hello! I see that you haven't been around in a few days, I don't know if thats because you are feeling as down as me, but either way I hope to see you back soon. I hope that you're not feeling as down as me. This sucks to be quite frank about it. I am having my third bloody nose of the week and I cried because I couldn't find my chapstick...talk about pathetic! You are a little behind me, but I know you're on 60 a day, and well, all I can say its if in you're in this for 6 months like me, we're
  14. Day ? I don't know what do it is, and I don't feel like counting right now. Monday is my derm appointment, so its almost been three months. Haven't posted in about a week...things haven't been so smooth in just everyday like, and accutane just makes it that much more rough. I look at myself in the mirror and I feel so happy that I look better and that everyone must just be thinking I look so great...and then it all comes crashing down because with the exception of my family, which I live with,
  15. Hello! Sorry I haven't been around much. Its just not been my thing and I've had alot going on with classes and everything. Its good to hear that your red marks seem to be fading, i'm not sure what mine are doing...a hokie pokie dance I guess lol Can you believe its almost been three months?! Well for me, I think you've hit the three month mark. I know I go into the derm on Monday...so whoo hoo...get to go through the prescription crap all over...just grr...lol I am not happy lately lol actually
  16. DAY....Whatever... I've learned that clay will suck all the moisture from your hands and very quickly enduce the accutane rash on the hands...that spreads all too quickly (like overnight) to your arms! Its sucks and I hate today...
  17. Hello! Thanks for the message on my log. lol Now I can say welcome to the club lol. I wish you the best of luck for further improvement on 60mg a day and that you don't experience more pain...I am actually doing alright with it...its kind of become a norm now...and I didn't notice an advance in it when I upped the dosage, so lets hope you don't either! Take care! ~Jessica
  18. DAY 45 *yawn...oh, who would have thought you could spend almost two months of your life just tired! Dead tired! I sleep 8 hours a night, and am still tired....its not fair! I don't really think I have too many more side effects, just the same old irritable eyes and dry lips. Oh, and a so not cool thing, I was so proud that my nose was clear and smooth and nice...well, it looks like the pores have started to get bigger and that the blackheads are coming back....all I have to say is that they BE
  19. If you get the Euccerin Calming Cream, it should help with the itch as well as the burn...trust me...been there....good luck! You can get it at walmart or any pharmacy.
  20. (Oh darn, I had this typed out, and then hit some random button...and it all disappeared! Ok, so lets try again... Hello, thank you for your comment. I know its rough, but we've just gotta be strong. Thank you about the improvment. I am not sure yet, I see some, but I think I was just have a really good day yesterday as far as the red spots go...but Its getting there. As far as cost per pill...I am not sure. I only ever paid a $3 co-pay each time because I have Tri-Care (military), so I am sor
  21. I use Euccerin, if you keep moisturized then it should keep it under raps. When I stopped using it, the rash grew from the tops of my hands to the insides of my arms...it doesn't burn or leave an icky after effect. And don't use a body wash that may suck all moisture from your skin...try to get something thats made for dry skin =o) It sucks, I know. Good luck!~ ~Jessica
  22. Day 42 I was finally able to post pictures this morning in the gallery. Getting someone around here to take them for me is like impossible. I hate taking them myself because sometimes there are shadows and it doesn't work out well. I went like 3 week with no pictures, but at least they are there now lol. I am so glad that my face is done being dry and cracking like that. I am NEVER missing a day of moisturizer!! I wash my face with acutal cleanser only when I take showers because it burns...and
  23. Hello! Yay! Now you can be in the 60mg a day club as well as the back pain club! lol Doesn't it suck having to take 3 pills at once...wait, thats not what sucks, what sucks is having to get the stupid little buggers out of the package...3 times! I'm not a fan of that. I am pretty much so taking all the vitamins that you are, the only one I'm not is cranberry, but I drink loads of cranberry juice (100% natural organic...not the sugar crap). I asked last time I was at the Derm's if it was alright