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  1. So glad to see that things are working out for you! It does always seem that every where but your face seems to clear up first...but with time . Take care and good luck! Jessica
  2. Day 88 Yup, thats right, we are 3 days higher than before! My TG's were at 249, still not perfect, but good enough to be put back on accutane, just not good enough to go from 60mg a day to 80mg a day...lets cross our fingers for the final month out! I am pleased about this, at least i'm not going to have to wait a whole month off accutane...just a little over a week. No biggie. My face itches so bad recently, little more than a week...makes me want to claw at it, has anyone else noticed this?
  3. Sorry I didn't post back yesterday, didn't think anyone really cared lol...so thank you for caring. Things have just been so rough recently and things that I swore to myself I would never regret...I'm starting to regret, and it breaks my heart all over again. As to my face...well...it itches alot...and right under my jawline almost to my neck, I am getting a cyst, its getting a little purple, and its not swollen quite yet, but it hurts very bad =o( As for my test results, I personally believe t
  4. Been a very long while since I've heard anything...curious how things are going! Please update and let me know! Take care, hope all is well. <3 Jessica
  5. Hey there...just wanted to say thanks for your post. Sorry its a little late. Sadly, my derm is not the same because when he saw the jump from 196 to 411...he said I had to stop until triglycerides were back to normal. Although I did convince him to re-test me for them incase there was a mistake, and find out results of that today, so keeping fingers crossed! Thanks a bunch though! Take care and good luck with accutane! <3 Jessica p.s. Have you tried any of the eucerin lotions for your itc
  6. lol Boys are stupid...thats what makes me feel better ...I get my blood results back today so yay me! Lets just pray they are at a semi normal level and that all is well. I am noticing little tiny pimple (can just be scraped by fingernail) along my jaw line and then this morning I had a little one on my nose like right almost where the curve of my nose (from nostril) meets the other part of my face...odd...but hope thats all that desides to appear! Take care all!!
  7. I thought I was down in the dumps while I was ON accutane...well its been a week off of accutane, and I could not be lower. Am I really even allowed to post on here if I'm not taking accutane? I went this morning to have blood drawn, and no one should ever have to deal with a butterly needle in their arm....it may be smaller...but hurts like hell! Give me a normal needle anyday! My cheeks for the last three days have felt like they were on fire! I can only imagine how red they are...I don't dare
  8. So...my worst fear was confirmed and mister mean derm (not really) took me off accutane...well...sort of. I was told to have my triglycerides re-tested tomorrow morning, after 12 hours of fasting...if they are still high no accutane for a month...if they are back around 190-200...then bring on the accutane...I just pray it was some mistake and they are lower now...don't want to risk a month off and get any more cysts which only equal scars I just have this awful feeling though that they will b
  9. I am also taking vitamin E and fish oil lol I've been using the AcneFree Scar Eraser since about february and its been working well...well at least I think. I noticed first that its helped with the redness in my complexion. I've always had a super red face since I can remember, so for it to subside as much as it has is awsome...and as far as what types of scars I have...I've got them all...from just skin surface scars to pock marks to the red spots I've got it all, and I've noticed so much of a
  10. Hello! Yay! You're back! Did you have a good time? Hopefully so. Thank you for your kind message on my log. So sad you cannot pull through for the full course, but trust, me, I know how you feel and you've done well! Congrats on the clear skin, wishing you the best of continuing luck. Take Care, Jessica
  11. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    Front View This is just ugly...and I hate it
  12. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    So, this would be the better of the sides. These are all really red marks and scars...working on those with the AcneFree Scar Eraser...and acutally seeing differences...Happy with it compared to what it was!
  13. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    So, this is my right side. It has always been worse than my left...as you can tell the cyst (closest spot on my cheek to my lip) has gotten alot better, but is still there some. I've also got this spot on my chin...which never was inflamed or was a spot, but just appeared there. It almost feels like a dry spot...but who knows!
  14. Day 85 (well, technically, lol don't you LOVE that word? I've been off accutane since Tuesday the 17th because I've run out of pills, so tuesday was day 85) So, talk about CRAP! I had my derm appointment early this month, as I discussed in a earlier post...and I was told I would be bumped up to 80mg a day from 60mg a day...so I was given a post dated prescription and that was that, well, on Monday of this week, I was called and asked to come in, so I did, and I was told that I had to re-do my
  15. Hi, just wanted to wish you well...are you from Blackburn England?...I have friend who lives there...Good luck and never loose faith in accutane, you've still a lot of time left for improving! Take care Jessica
  16. Hello, how are things going? Hopefully well. I posted in my log...lol has been a rough few weeks for me, but I get through it. I know what you mean about the scars and spots starting to show, but in a little way, its good, because when mine started doing that, I just starting noticing huge differences...but I was alos using the AcneFree Scar Eraser...so, I don't know if its the accutane or the scar stuff that helps, but either way, cannot complain! Glad to hear the UTI is subsiding and hopeful
  17. Day 81 Oh Crap is all I have to say...well not really, but may as well be. This cyst that supposedly popped...just hangs around, and its red and ugly and the more I look at it, the worse it looks like its getting! Of course everyone else says its not, but I think they lie! I've started to get little itty bitty tiny pimples along the left side of my jaw...ya know the ones that look like little blisters because they aren't red at first, it almost looks like a clear little bubble?...then one day i
  18. Hey, its been a while, just checking up on you....seeing how things are going. Interested to see if 80mg a day makes a difference in side effects! Update soon please...lol I'm on the edge of my seat. Hope all is well and that you are hanging in there! Take care <3 Jessica
  19. Day 76 Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well. I am doing just swell lol Started going back to curves this week, and what a difference it makes! I am still a bit sore...but mainly at night and some of it seems better now that I'm going to curves than doing nothing at all! My cyst finally popped day before yesterday...so thats good, and it looks alot less angry now which I'm thrilled about. The color is slowly fading from it and its not near as swollen and large as it was. I seem to be getting drye
  20. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    So, this is the left side...not as tragic as the right side...it hasn't changed much...except scars are not as deep...my lingering red spots have good days and bad days, some dark, some light...ya know how it goes...am just hoping for the best really!
  21. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    So this would be the right side, the side with the most breakouts from the IB...one thing I noticed is that since I have been using the AcneFree Scar eraser...my scars are not at deep at all! I am amazed and pleased...lets just hope all these new marks don't leave huge impacts...that's all I need!
  22. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    Okay, so I am two and a half months in...I am just now getting over what appeared two weeks ago to be my IB ... its crazy, and I wasn't happy about it because I thought everything was going so well.... This is a view from the front of my face...you can see the beautiful cyst right there near my lip...its much better now than it was last week. One plus is still that my face is no where near as red as it was before accutane.
  23. Hi, The AcneFree Scar eraser is for scars...I was just talking about how its also helped with my redness...It says: Scar lotion helps reduce the apperance of pock marks, helps fade out scars, and evens out skin tones...Works on both old and new scars. You should check it out. As for your joint pain...been there and feel for you! Are you taking fish oil? It really helps. Take care and good luck! ~Jessica
  24. Eucerin Calming Cream is awesome! Its not oily and it works well...comes in handy when you start to itch or get the dreaded accutane rash! Side effects do come and go...it sucks...but its worth it...trust me! Good Luck!
  25. Its such a wonderful feeling when your nose gets all nice and smooth...free of blackheads...lol I remember...lmao Okay, so, in reply to your scar treatment question I am using the AcneFree Scar Eraser right now...have been for almost two months and I love it! It helps with red spots and also just the redness I had in my skin tone. You can find it at walmart or target...got mine at walmart think it was like 16 dollars...it comes with the actual scar treatment and then lotion which has some spf in