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  1. No rubbing blackheads, lets them just do their thing, trust me! You will just end up being sorry in the end. The really stupid thing I did was use a nose strip...I was rudolph for a good week...and in extreme pain...not to mention embarrassment...just wait it out, trust me, will be worth it. Take care and good luck! <3 Jessica
  2. Yuppers, thats exactly what I use...and its amazing, I LOVE IT! I am so glad that it has done well for your lips. Keeping using it and take care. Best of Luck! <3 Jessica
  3. Oh my gosh, Yeah, i've been there...right when I started accutane...when I wasn't using the right stuff...you really need to get some better lip stuff...if nothing else, just staight up vasaline will be better than what you are using...hopefully you find something soon and it gets better! I feel for you. Good Luck <3 Jessica
  4. My face was just like that...I am using Vasaline Intensive Healing...it comes in a smallish to mediumish side tube at walmart...and I haven't had any problems from it...and it works soo well...no dry skin at all! Unless, I don't use it before bed...I do it in the morning and at night when I wash face with hot wash cloth. But either way, its clear, cetaphil just isn't working for you, so you need to look around and find something new. As far as your lips, maybe what your using isn't cutting it...
  5. So yeah...that wasn't day 115...I was supposed to get my meds...but derms office is a little stupid...and never called it in...not yesterday either...have to get it today, or I am screwed! Today is fourth day not on it. My lips are doing much better, they just itch...the little bumps are still there..but if you're not right on my face, you cannot see...they are just still dark pink. Had to go the afternoon of my last post and get a cortizone shot in my lip, they were too puffed and in WAY too mu
  6. ... ... How can this be deleted?... Thanks
  7. Ok, thanks, didn't know that section exsisted...lol
  8. Okay, so, I am on my last month of Accutane...and normally don't ever wear makeup, because before accutane, nothing I tried would have even been worth it...so...since I have no active cysts right now and just scars, I tried using just normal cover girl powder, and it made my face burn and itch for two days and it was just awful...so, I am looking into getting some new foundation, but I need something that will be gentle enough for my alread sensitive before accutane skin...I found this site with
  9. Day 115 So, I start my 80mg a day today...and yesterday I didn't have any, so could not take any...things are sucky right now basically...I bought some new lips stuff from bath and body works...Apathacary stuff...since I couldn't find my Aveeno stuff...and well, it was so nice when it put it on my lips, and smelled so great...well, that was a week ago. All week long my lips had been red and hurting...and almost felt a tiny bit swollen...I just thought it was accutane turning more evil on my lip
  10. Yes yes yes! It matters...trust me. Your skin on accutane will only continue to get more sensitive...and while on it, you are more prone to scars, which if you did burn, that it could cause. Plus, its just good common sense to take care of your skin while you are out in the sun...so yes, please wear sunscreen.
  11. Hello! Hope all is going well for you...I am not 100% on your question. How are my mood swings on accutane...or how were my mood swings on mino?...I'll just answer both to be safe lol On Mino...they were just up and down, i would be sad and no know why or how to fix it...or i'd just feel incrediably pissed and from nothing at all...that was just a day to day thing... With accutane...first few months were hard, and I'm glad I am coming up on my last month. I don't think the mood swings consiste
  12. Just browsing through..lol I wish you the best of luck...I am going to start my last month on the 29th and just wish you a smooth course. I notice I bruise for nothing since I started accutane...its weird...lol Now I go around saying that I bruise like a peach...lol I don't know if you ever watched/watch Friends...lol but Ross says that...lol I always thought it was funny...lol And as far as Mino and Doxy...yeah I was on those...Mino 3 times...twice when I was in high school...and yes, wow, mood
  13. Day 111 So, wow...lol Today is wednesday...lol had my Derm appointment on Monday. My TG's were acceptable, nothing great...lol So I was bumped up to 80mg a day for my last month...which starts the 29th I was very prepared to be taken off for a month...but that didn't happen, so I was thrilled. I'll be done by the time my dad comes home, so thats great. He hasn't seen any pictures...so we'll see if he notices a difference...lol Classes were over for me yesterday So now I have to start work
  14. Well, I am about to start my last month on 80mg...am now on 60mg...I had really really oily skin before accutane, but then again, it also go very dry from all the topical meds I was using...when I started accutane...about a month in to now...I have had NO OIL...and if I even skip a night of moisturizing...I wake up in pain...as the course goes on...if you don't use it...you will regret it. I think it is best to use it. Not moisturzing your face will A...make you look flaky and red...but B you wi
  15. Hello! lol Sorry, but cannot help you with the whole shaving question...lol but I can back up bateman on the Eucerin Calming cream for your itchy skin, its awesome...lol there is also a Eucerin Itch Relief Lotion that you can buy that calms the itching right away and make you feel good...it has a little mediciny smell to it, but it works so well, I do not care about that, I normally have to use it at bedtime anyhow, so who cares...lol Good Luck!! Take Care, <3 Jessica
  16. Hello, I know that I posted a reply to your question like a week ago, but its not there...crazy! Anyhoo, its about $7...but toally worth it, especially now that I hear you are itching up a storm. I used to just scratch myself til I broke the skin and night while I was sleeping and no even notice until I woke up doing it...thats how bad it was for me. Yes, accutane gets rid of blackheads...actually, they get much worse and then you wake up one morning, and your nose is as clear and smooth as a
  17. Day 104 I went to bed last night at 10pm which is early for me...recently its been like 12 or 1...but I was tired, and just out right away, but I didn't sleep well even a little. My nose was super stuffed and also super runny...so I kept panicking that my nose was bleeding, and it never was...then I woke up this morning and the cat (her name is Zelda, such a sweetheart) she just looked at me funny, and my nose was bleeding, but me, I thought it was just my runny nose...lol If only I could hav
  18. Hello! When I first started accutane, my face got much more oily for a good week or so...so yes, its normal...well unless its just me and you that has experienced this...but don't worry, it'll be like one day you'll wake up, and there will seriously be NO oil...not joking you! And lord yes does it itch. I know just about 3 weeks ago, I was off accutane for about a week and a half, and my oil started to coming back...and I itched and itched and omg, talk about annoying! And its just recently stop
  19. Hello Jay, firstly let me wish you the best of luck on accutane, I am on the end of my fourth month, and still not sure how long i'll be on it. 2 more months max I think...it's had its rough moments, but its all worth it in the end. You should definatly get some really good chapstick for your lips, you may thing they are dry now, just wait til you are a month in...it gets bad without chapstick for 4 minutes, let alot, a whole day, or no chapstick at all. I suggest Aveeno chapstick...I adore it.
  20. Day 103 j-boy...Thanks so much for your post..lol I was shocked you acutally read my log...lol So is it a good story or a bad story?...Boring right?...but you just have to read to find out what happens? I hope this works for me too...and I am so pleased how far my skin has come, so thanks for your kind words...they meant alot ~*~ So, ok, allergies suck lol...Sneezing hurts first thing in the morning because my back still totally kills even an hour after waking up...my joints feel like t
  21. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    So, of course the left is so much better! lol Its not red, and there are very few scars or red marks...its smoother...and well...it just looks better. I've got one month left to go...and if I can my right side to look like this...I will be more than pleased with accutane...everything will have been totally worth it...lets see what happens! lol
  22. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    So, the right side has always been worse, as I have said before...and now...its got a bit of a sun burn, just tiny enough to make it red...think its from driving...lol who knows...lol Right along my jaw and almost down into my neck, i've got some new scars...more breakouts and one is from a cyst...*sigh..this shouldn't be happening this far along should it?!...
  23. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    Really...what is there to say about the front view of things?! Its better than it has been...no cyst...so yay! Don't know why its so orange...none of the other pictures were like this...hmm But yeah...
  24. Day 102 ok, lol, so its been about a week...things are busy with classes ending soon. I went this morning for my blood tests and am crossing my fingers that my TG's come out as low as possible this time. I have my appointment on the 21st, but if the TG's are high, that's pointless. I have decided that if they come round this time high, that I will just do what has to be done and take a month off of accutane, but I'm going to ask for the strongest thing besides accutane that he can prescribe m
  25. Day 96 So, lol, its been a while, I know...lol I missed a day on saturday...don't know how it happened...it just did, so whoops, my bad. But don't tell. lol I a bit nervous because next monday I am supposed to go and have my blood work done because the 21st is my next derm appointment. June will be my last month on accutane...well as far as I know now it will be. That will be the end of the 6 months. I am really really hoping and needing that I finish out on 80mg a day. It was supposed to be th