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  1. Congrats on finishing!...Take care and Best of Continuing Luck!! <3 Jessica
  2. Nope, no stomach problems with the vitamins...you should really look into Eucerin lotion for your skin and the aveeno chapstick I was talking about...its amazing!! Good Luck! <3 Jessica
  3. Well, firstly, wish you best of luck...secondly...whether or not you will break out again has many factors....depends on what type of makeup it is really...now I could say one day would do no harm as soon as you wash your face asap! But...I don't know. Just do what you gotta do and pray it all goes well...sorry but thats the best advice there is...What makeup are you going to use? Good Luck Jessica
  4. 5 Days OFF Accutane Okay, so I cannot find my cord for my camera to upload my after picture for the gallery...but I've orded a new one and should get it before the end of the week...to any of those who care So...first three days off I had extreme chest pains...all in my arm and it was bad...but I dealt with it and don't have any idea what it was from...its not like its anywhere normal for me so it was very odd. Besides that, just an itchy face because my oil glands are gearing up again...ugh,
  5. Last day...Day 144 So, today is my last accutane pill poppn' day!! Today was a really good day for my face, which just made me happy. I went to get my blood test done and that was a mess...just because its all military crap...but I finally got it done. So looking forward to not being on accutane...but the same time, so thankful that I did it. It really was a good choice. Its made such a difference...honestly. I will keep updating...praying my face stays clear forever...lol but I'll let ya'll kn
  6. Hello, thank you for your reply in my log. You're sweet. Congrats to you as well! It sure was crazy...Take care and best of luck for forever clear skin <3 Jessica
  7. Day 143 So,I have two days left...( I don't think anyone reads this anymore, but thats ok, its more for benefit anyhow...but would be nice otherwise. Its been real hot...and I burned my back the other day. Went swimming, and apparently last years sunscreen just didn't cut it. But at least my face didn't burn, I just use zinc for that. I still have peely spots though, and its awful...on my chin, right in the middle, and ones going opposite ways above my eyebrows...makes it look like someone drew
  8. Day 140 5 days left! lol I am excited, but scared that once I am off it...things will just go back to how they were, but I am praying they do not. I am not looking forward to my skin going back to its oily state...maybe it will be less oily, I don't care really, just as long as it doesn't get worse oily than it was before. I am totally sticking with Cetaphil face wash, I adore it, and it last a good while. I am still not on a face lotion I like though...not fond of the ponds...I've actually bee
  9. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    Ok, so this is my right side. Still pretty happy with it...lol the fan sure did a number on my hair, and didn't even think to fix it...lmao embarrassing...lmao Once again, just need to tackle scars and red marks, but I'm sure it'll be fine, so much better than before. 5 days and we'll have before and after pictures!! YAY!
  10. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    Okay, this is my Left side, I don't know if the last 20 days had a difference or not..still looks ok, I'm pretty happy with it...now just need to tackle scars!
  11. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    Ok, so this is the front, still looks about the same as last time...my lips are all jacked up...swollen...and just ugh, better go away when accutane is done! 5 Days Left!!!
  12. Hello, congrats on being done with your first month on accutane!! I have 9 days left...and am thrilled! Part of be cannot believe its been 6 months, the other part of me feels like its been such a long time. As for your rash, not a big deal...the dreaded accutane rash..welcome to it hun...lol Its so much fun!! I don't care what anyone says about keeping moisturized from day 1 of accutane and you won't get it...because its basically crap. I was dedicated 110% to keeping moisturized from day 1
  13. Day 136 So today is another bad day...but I did way better than I had expected, I only cried a few times and not all day...but its only 6:30...and I still have a lonely night to conquer. Okay, but...onto other things. My lips are acting so strange. I swear, they haven't been the same since the whole bath and body works lip gloss incident. If they don't have chapstick on them, they burn, and its like...there is never a layer of skin on them, its always like the top layer was just ripped off
  14. It depends...at the stage you are at...your body is still purging...so maybe they are not nessacarily coming back...they are still coming out...so, don't bother them Just let them purge...its an oh so wonderful part of the path for beautiful skin! Good Luck, ~ Jessica
  15. Hello! So glad to hear things are improving...and yes...the whole lips thing on accutane sucks and has been the worst side effect...well...the whole painful joint thing sucks too...but...well...okay, so lips and joints both suck, but at least the aveeno is a heaven send for the lips! Take care and best of continuing luck!! <3 Jessica
  16. Day 133 Wow, its been a while! Almost two weeks...I have been so tired...but I am not going to put all of that off onto accutane, because I know there are other factors. Bad news in the last two weeks is that I've run out of my vasaline moisturizer, and cannot find it anywhere...so in turn, feel really bad that I've been telling people about it...so if i've told you about it, and you haven't been able to find it...I'm so sorry I found two alternatives...either a Eucerin Face Moisturizer for s
  17. Girly_Twirly

    DAY 1 & 5

    Oh my...wow! 5 days and its such a difference...so glad it is working for you!! Best of luck!!
  18. Day 121 Today is just a very sad day...I tried to stay in bed as long as I could...basically so I wouldn't have to be awake longer than needed...but that didn't work...it only slept til 9. I don't have summer classes (BIG MISTAKE) and I cannot start my job yet...so Its rather depressing. My brothers are in the house with me, but they sleep till almost 2pm...so I may as well be alone...and sometimes that's awesome, but on days like today, its a bad bad feeling. I don't want to turn into this
  19. Aww J-boy, that is so kind, thank you. I'm hoping it won't be long...all the areas of my skin that haven't been affected by cysts or any types of break-outs, I think its great skin...and good complexion...but then you have the red marks and scars...I just pray with time...we'll see in 3 and a half weeks how it all looks and what the final result was. lol Its funny, looking at this picture...I have so many beauty marks...I even have one on my lip...right at the top...lol...crazy...lol Frec
  20. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    Left side...more scars...lol...what can I say...its better...right?...I hope so...
  21. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    Okay, so this is the right side...red marks...but at least no cysts, and they are not as red as they used to be. Of course...scars...but I must admit, have not been using my acnefree scar eraser as I should...its been really hot...and I just haven't...I know...shame on me.
  22. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    Hmm...so its weird...it seems everytime I have to take a break from accutane because someone isn't doing their job right...( )....I get this little marks...especially on my chin...and they are like red spots...not pimples...but they peel...thats all they do...and then I wake up one morning and they are gone...its really odd...
  23. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

    Well...what is there to say?...I have scars But at least I don't look like a tomato anymore!
  24. Day 119 Okay, so its been a few days lol I just haven't been wanting to get on and update to be honest. I started my last month...yay...at 80mg on May 31st. I am so pleased that this will be my last month...and I am even more pleased that I was able to finish out on the highest dose. I just pray this is the only course I need and then from here on out all I have to work on is scars...of which I swim in But its ok...really...think I can get over it...maybe. lol From seriously the first day o