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Picture Comments posted by Girly_Twirly

  1. Aww J-boy, that is so kind, thank you. I'm hoping it won't be long...all the areas of my skin that haven't been affected by cysts or any types of break-outs, I think its great skin...and good complexion...but then you have the red marks and scars...I just pray with time...we'll see in 3 and a half weeks how it all looks and what the final result was. :dance:

    lol :D Its funny, looking at this picture...I have so many beauty marks...I even have one on my lip...right at the top...lol...crazy...lol Freckles...or whatever they are called...my grandma told me they were angel kisses...lmao :dance: Looks like i've had some lip action from an angel...lmao :dance:

    Thanks again j-boy!

    <3 Jessica

  2. hey how u doin? i am on tane too but on 20mg/day, taking vit E and fishoil, and also the acne free scar for university medical, and i wanted to ask you, how well is it working? what kind of scars do u have? how much improvement have u seen so far? thank you.

    I am also taking vitamin E and fish oil lol I've been using the AcneFree Scar Eraser since about february and its been working well...well at least I think. I noticed first that its helped with the redness in my complexion. I've always had a super red face since I can remember, so for it to subside as much as it has is awsome...and as far as what types of scars I have...I've got them all...from just skin surface scars to pock marks to the red spots I've got it all, and I've noticed so much of a change.

    I cannot figure out how to put a picture into my comment...soo...if you wanna look at all my pictures, there is one from february 6th my left side of my face, and then this one here now that we are commenting on...thats how much of a difference its made...Sorry I couldn't put this pictures in here....couldn't figure out how!

    Take care and Best of luck!


  3. I'm so jealous...lol it looks like even though you have a few scars, which still, lol you have such a wonderful skin complexion...its so even and just...grr. You're lucky, and I'm so glad for you it worked out...i've still three months left....Take care! Best of continuing luck!