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  1. Hey! I am really really sorry to hear that things are off to such a rough start for you. I still haven't made my decision on whether or not to go back, but I know how rough it can be. I really really hope things look up for you. Head and Shoulders makes a soothing lotion that you can use on your scalp and its leave it, so its nice. It doesn't make your hair look dirty or anything, once it dries, your hair still looks just as clean and nice as it had before. I used to use it before bed because thats when it would be the worst, but anytime works. It just comes in a little squeezy bottle. I don't know if you guys have it. I am really hoping you the best of luck for accutane, and for all else! I know how stressful life can be! ;) Best of luck!!

    <3 Jessica

  2. 343 Days OFF Accutane :X

    Sadly, for the last month or so I have been considering going back on Accutane. In the past year (okay a little less) I haven't had pimples...not real honest to God ones, just little blocked pores almost like blackheads in a sense...not until about a month ago. At first I thought it was a cyst...maybe it was, but it turned into what looked like a pimple by the time it popped...because none of my cysts pre-tane ever popped, they would get real swollen, very squishy, and either burst..not pop but burst, or they would dry up and get smaller day by day...always leaving scar and sometimes re-appearing. Then about a week ago all along my jaw I just broke out, a mixture of cysts and pimples, and I couldn't understand or believe it. Also, within the last month, I have noticed my complexion is getting red like it was before, and it just was different, almost like it was pre-tane. I haven't dug out the topicals (Retin-A, differin, or the BP gel) but I was tempted. Instead I opted for some good ol' Crest (Pro-Health) treatment. I would just dab generiously before bed on each spot, and, this started about 4 days ago, the pimples are gone, I am just left with 3 dime sized cysts on my jaw line. I haven't been the derm...Since going off Accutane, I have moved from California to Las Vegas, and so its going to be an all new doctor for me, which kinda sucks. I guess you could say my biggest fear is that I am going to go the derm with the decison to go on a second round of accutane, and he/she will just put me back on keflex or minocycline or some topical and six month later I will be where I was a year and 6 months ago...I don't think I could handle that. I don't want to do the pills or topicals with a "maybe" they will work this time, it was dead end before and i know it would be again. Accutane was rough, but as I have always said, it was worth it, and I would do it over again in a heartbeart...and I mean it...I didn't think i would have to eat my words, but maybe I will, I just hope that the second time will be a charm, I want to nip it in the but now before it gets too late. Maybe I can have a shorter course at a lower dose...who knows...I'm just venting...maybe seeing if I will get lucky enough to see if anyone who reads this has maybe had to do a second course....Thanks for reading....will keep updated!! :crazy:

    <3 Jessica

  3. So...a WHOLE BUNCH of days off...like 8 months...so...240ish days!

    New Pictures in the Gallery!

    I have had few spots of worry. The other day I thought I was getting a cyst in a spot where an old scar was, so I fear the return of everything...but it never turned into anything, just went away. It started as a hard spot...it was odd, but its gone now, so I am not worried. I have had the few normal pimples...but those aren't even bad, and I haven't even had those until the last 2-3 months. I have good days where my skin look wonderful without anything on it, and I love those days, but then I have days where my scars and spots want to be a little more red than I prefer, and I just brush on some Aubrey Nicole and all is well! You know what awesome about aubrey nicole is they have a rice silk powder than I use before and after foundation, and if I have a day where I don't want makeup, just a little something...The rice silk powder is awesome for that. It doesn't have pigment, so it just helps with the red...and if I need it, its a great oil absorber! :dance:

    Overall, I am glad! I would do it over again in a heartbeat! I was looking through my gallery today while adding my new pictures, and I cannot believe how bad it used to be...I don't ever want to have to remember those days again, or how that felt, so anyone who is reading this, and has just started, or is thinking about starting...do it..if it has come to a point where NOTHING else is working, and it really is extreme and accutane is your last hope, its worth it. It has it's ups and downs on the acutal course, and some days it just plain sucks, I won't lie. I had so many bad days...but right now, the place I am in, and the end results, that doesn't matter! Email if you have questions, I am more than happy to answer! :cool:

    Take care and best of luck to beautiful skin!

    <3 Jessica

    Take a look at my gallery and tell me what you think...please and thank you! :wub:

  4. :wub: 130ish days off accutane!!

    Still, no breakouts, skin is a bit more oily than it was a month ago, but nothing like before. Things have pretty much so returned to normal, except for the cysts! Yay me! Hope all is going well for everyone! Take care, and I've posted two new pictures!! :o)

    Take care!

    <3 Jessica

  5. Good luck with this...I said I would never take the drug as well...that was when I was 16...now I'm 21 and wishing I'd taken it sooner now that it is all said and done. I really hope it works out well for you. Cetaphil is an awesome face wash, its what I used. Moisturizing your face as well as your body is a key factor. Eucerin calming cream is great for an all over body lotion, because it calms that itchy skin that accutane has a way of producing, especially arms and legs, and it also isn't greasy and is unscented ;) As far a facial moisturizer, I used vasaline, but since then, vasaline has changed their skin care line, and doesn't make it anymore, but I've heard great things about Purpose. Normally, all topical regimens are stopped when starting acctuane. But it varies case by case, normally, it's best not too, because accutane already is harsh on skin, and topical with just make it worse. Also, SPF is important while on accutane, even if you've never burned before, accutane makes your skin so much more sensitive in sun. If the face lotion you choose to use, doesn't have at least spf 15, you need to use something seperate.

    Artifical Tears are good for some people, they are just like normal eye drops, but better. Some people's eyes have a tendency to become very very dry and painful...sandpaper painful, and the artifical tears help loads! Mine was only bad the first few months. Vitamin A is a big no no while on accutane, so unless your derm says different, don't take a multi-vitamin if you do. Fish Oil is good to take because it helps with joint pain, which can be severe at times, and since accutane is so harsh on your liver, pain killers are a bad idea, and fish oil does a pretty good job. Personally I took Omega 3, 6, 9 (fish oil, flaxseed oil, and borage oil)...its a combo that helps with joint pain, can prevent helping with the hair loss, and keeps nails strong...lol which for me was a big deal..lol I wanted to keep my hair and nails...lol and I did. And it has many other things that are good for you, heart health, as well as keeping you cholesterol in good check, which is important on accutane, because it can cause it to go sky high for no reason other than the meds. Vitamin E is good, good for the skin. While on accutane, you don't produce new collegen, so scars are more easily formed, or may appear worse than they are, but good new to this, when accutane is done, you get all new collegen, and previous scars look better than before accutane :) Good chapstick is important as well, your lips will become very dry and crack...and burn like they are onfire! lol I used Aveeno Medicated, and its the best ever...I did and will always swear by it. Most to all of this can be found at walmart or a drugstore like Rite Aid or Walgreens or Cv...

    Okay...so thats the end of my book...lol Just trying to help. I wish you the best of luck again, and as a pre-warning, I-Pledge is a pain in the tushie...well maybe not so much for you because you're a guy...but just in case...you're warned...lol :cool:

    Take Care, Good Luck, and feel free to email me with any questions!


  6. Hello Everyone!!

    81 Days OFF Accutane

    :wub: I am 100% happy I did this. I have been cyst free...pimple free...white/blackhead free...for so long..and thats never happened! I have less oil on my face than I did before, though I do miss the days of zero oil! My face isn't red all day and night, its hardly ever red. I have good days and bad days when it comes to my scars....besides the pitted ones, I have a few purple ones, but they don't bother me as much as cysts did. I am currently still using the cetaphil face wash and adore it still, I am using Ponds Mend and Defend face moisturizer...and for those of you who pay attention, yes, thats the one that 3 months ago I said I hated...but I like it now, all in moderation is the key. My lips still need chapstick from time to time, and I will only ever swear by Aveeno Medicated Chapstick :dance: But it's nothing compared to when I was on accutane, so I am not complaining. I use makeup now...never did before, because there was no point, it did NOTHING for me, but now, it's great. I don't use it everyday...just on my bad days or when I want to try and pretty things up :o) I use Aubrey Nicole...and adore it...suggest it to all you girls!! All my final blood tests came back great...Triglycorides and Cholestoral...actually BETTER than it was BEFORE I started, so that's great. I will be posting pictures from my sister's wedding soon...I was Maid of Honor is my ugly green dress...but my skin looked great. :o)

    For anyone who reads this and is considering going on accutane...if nothing else has worked and you're at the end of your rope...do it! It's worth it! I wish I would have done this when my derm first suggested when I was 17...I wouldn't have all my scars and life would have been easier!!

    Thanks for reading you guys! Any questions or comments...feel free to email me!!

    Email Jessica!!

    <3 Jessica

  7. I just finished my 5 month course...took a mulitvitamin everyday for all five months and have before and continue to today. Trust me when I first started...i asked every question about everything...asked more than a handful of doctors about multivitamins...and they all said it was fine...never had a problem myself...but really in your case beachbabe...just ask your derm...see what he/she says...and if they say its fine and you don't feel comfortable with it..don't take it. Take care!

  8. I did lots of reseach and asked three of my doctors...including my derm, and they all said that a multivitamin was fine to take. What they don't want you doing is binging on food items that contain alot of vitamin A and take the mulitvitamin...which I didn't...would have rather taken the vitamin than eat my carrots. So you have to choose in that sense. They also don't want you taking vitamin A in itself...not in the multivitamin...but if your worried or don't trust me...or anyone else..Just ask your derm...he/she knows best! ;)

    Good Luck

    <3 Jessica

  9. I've never heard anything about vitamin c and accutane...I am an orange juice freak and just finished 5 months of accutane and never had a problem...now Vitamin A...thats a huge no no..but thats the only thing I've heard to stay away from as far as vitamins go. Best of luck take care!


  10. Well, firstly, wish you best of luck...secondly...whether or not you will break out again has many factors....depends on what type of makeup it is really...now I could say one day would do no harm as soon as you wash your face asap! But...I don't know. Just do what you gotta do and pray it all goes well...sorry but thats the best advice there is...What makeup are you going to use?

    Good Luck


  11. 5 Days OFF Accutane

    Okay, so I cannot find my cord for my camera to upload my after picture for the gallery...but I've orded a new one and should get it before the end of the week...to any of those who care :lol: So...first three days off I had extreme chest pains...all in my arm and it was bad...but I dealt with it and don't have any idea what it was from...its not like its anywhere normal for me so it was very odd. Besides that, just an itchy face because my oil glands are gearing up again...ugh, not looking forward to it. But...thats about it. Take care and good luck all.

    Pictures soon!!

    Happy Fourth Of July!!

    <3 Jessica

  12. :dance: Last day...Day 144

    So, today is my last accutane pill poppn' day!! Today was a really good day for my face, which just made me happy. I went to get my blood test done and that was a mess...just because its all military crap...but I finally got it done. So looking forward to not being on accutane...but the same time, so thankful that I did it. It really was a good choice. Its made such a difference...honestly. I will keep updating...praying my face stays clear forever...lol but I'll let ya'll know how it goes coming off accutane...lol Yay for me. Best of luck to everyone!! Take Care!!

    <3 Jessica


  13. Day 143

    So,I have two days left...:o( I don't think anyone reads this anymore, but thats ok, its more for benefit anyhow...but would be nice otherwise. Its been real hot...and I burned my back the other day. Went swimming, and apparently last years sunscreen just didn't cut it. But at least my face didn't burn, I just use zinc for that. I still have peely spots though, and its awful...on my chin, right in the middle, and ones going opposite ways above my eyebrows...makes it look like someone drew a funny face on me...and of course they are red... :evil:

    Its been a rough few days, but nothing I cannot handle. My dad comes home July 29th, and thats good. I'm waiting for classes to start again...so tired of being bored...its depressing. I just hope one round of accutane is good enough, don't know that I could do it again...I don't even care about the scars anymore...just want to be done and move on to other things that need to be taken care of.

    Thats all I guess...


  14. Day 140

    5 days left! lol I am excited, but scared that once I am off it...things will just go back to how they were, but I am praying they do not. I am not looking forward to my skin going back to its oily state...maybe it will be less oily, I don't care really, just as long as it doesn't get worse oily than it was before. I am totally sticking with Cetaphil face wash, I adore it, and it last a good while. I am still not on a face lotion I like though...not fond of the ponds...I've actually been using baby faces sunscreen the last two days and no lotion at all...and..well...it seems ok, but I cannot use that forever...just been avoiding the Ponds...lol

    My lips are all jacked up, swollen and itchy, and I don't know if its accutane or what? Maybe it wasn't the bath and body works stuff that screwed me...or maybe its lasting effects! I don't know. They literally shed whole layers of skin...its crazy. Still unsure about b/c after accutane...lol I'm unsure about alot lol. I am just glad i'll be off it. Only 2 more blood tests and good bye needles! :dance:

    Okay, well, must go, things to do, so...I posted new pictures in the gallery...and thanks for reading, but not really sure anyone does anymore...because I never get comments :( But anyhoo...take care, have fun, and best of luck to you all!!

    <3 Jessica

  15. Hello, congrats on being done with your first month on accutane!! :dance: I have 9 days left...and am thrilled! Part of be cannot believe its been 6 months, the other part of me feels like its been such a long time. As for your rash, not a big deal...the dreaded accutane rash..welcome to it hun...lol Its so much fun!! :lol: I don't care what anyone says about keeping moisturized from day 1 of accutane and you won't get it...because its basically crap. I was dedicated 110% to keeping moisturized from day 1 and I got it...more than once. Granted, keeping properly moisturized does help the serverity and sometimes length of the rash...but it'll happen anyhow. My suggestion is Eucerin Calming Cream...it helps a bunch. I adore it, and so many other people i've suggested it to, they swear by it as well. Its fragrance free...so it doesn't mix with any perfume or body spray you use, which is awesome. You can get it at walmart...like a 14oz tube for $7.00...its totally worth it. It may not itch now...but it might start too...mine always itched at night, and I had this issue of scratching while I was sleeping...I'd wake up and be just clawing at my arms and not realize what I was doing for a minute or two. For itching sake...the calming cream does help...but it wasn't enough for me, and the stupid steriod cream the derm prescribed...it was crap :lol: and what I found...lol was Eucerin Calming Itch Relief Treatment, also found at walmart...its just a lotion, and it was seriously my heaven on earth when that rash came about. All it really is is accutane induced eczema...it sucks, but it goes away...just moisturize more when its there and don't scratch, because it does spread, from tops of hands...down your wrist and all the way up your arm to your elbow...sometimes higher...but other than that, you should be fine ;)

    Are you taking any vitamins?...I suggest it...anything except Vitamin A...because thats a huge no no while on accutane. I take a one a day for woman as well as fish oil, flax seed oil, borage oil, and vitamin E. Fish oil is a great thing to help with joint pains...trust me...its awesome, especially since pain reliever is best avoided because of accutane's harshness of the liver...and the vitamin E is great for skin...flax seed oil helps with alot, but I use it for the hydration of skin, and borage oil helps with hair and nails. People sometimes lose hair as a side effect of accutane, so borage oil can do nothing but help there, accutane also makes your nails brittle and thins them, so borage oil helps...my nails are rock hard lmao :lol::dance:

    Take care and best of luck! I'm here if you have any questions!

    <3 Jessica

  16. Day 136

    :cry: So today is another bad day...but I did way better than I had expected, I only cried a few times and not all day...but its only 6:30...and I still have a lonely night to conquer. :doh:

    Okay, but...onto other things. My lips are acting so strange. I swear, they haven't been the same since the whole bath and body works lip gloss incident. If they don't have chapstick on them, they burn, and its like...there is never a layer of skin on them, its always like the top layer was just ripped off...they are sticky and burn if I press them together, and very very shiny...and this is with nothing on them...so I keep my Aveeno pretty much so smoothered on them. But its odd, in the morning, every morning...they peel...not crack...nothing painful...but actually peel like large pieces of skin just come off...don't know if this is normal...but it doesn't hurt...so :eh: who knows.

    I am getting more and more of these red peeling marks on my face...just little random areas that are flat...and its like a piece of skin has peeled...mainly on my forehead and chin..it sucks. And, speaking of face...hate my new moisturizer...well, okay, not hate, but do not like as much as I did the vasaline. The vasaline made my skin feel like there was nothing on it, and it was always smooth to the touch...now...I feel like my pores or something are blocked on the top of my cheeks :wall: Makes me want to scrub my skin...its not cool. It helps me from being dry...but it sucks. I'll never win. I have like 9 days left, and I just hope in the next week things improve ALOT...because I want to end this on a happy note.

    Okay, so the sucky news that just makes me angry...and bums me even more is that yay its flip flop season, and I found the cutest pairs of flip flops...they are seriously adorable...and I wore one of the pairs once...only once, and about a week and a half ago, I went to get a manicure and peticure and they were super cute...just french tips because one pair of the flip flops is black and white and then red and white. Well, I woke up the next morning, and my big toe on my right foot...it was red and a little swollen, and I thought maybe I bumped it, so just ignored it, well each day it was getting worse and worse...and now its this full blown ingrown toe nail...and it sucks...I am like 99% sure that it was because of the stupid peticure...either they cut the nail wrong or something...but its so ugly and purple and so swollen I cannot raise the nail...and fluid is just eww...omg, I read online somewhere...and am not really putting anything on it, but I read that more than a handful of people have experinced that a minor ingrown toenail can become a major toenail in no time while they were on accutane...and this just sucks. You think that something like accutane that kills bacteria, would kill an ingrown toenail infection...grr. I am soaking in epsom salt 4 times a day..and hoping it'll get better and I can fix it myself without having to go to doctors. :pray: So much for flip flop season... :doubt:

    Okay, thanks for reading...please take care and best of luck to you all!!

    Take Care,

    <3 Jessica

  17. It depends...at the stage you are at...your body is still purging...so maybe they are not nessacarily coming back...they are still coming out...so, don't bother them :lol: Just let them purge...its an oh so wonderful part of the path for beautiful skin! :dance:

    Good Luck,

    ~ Jessica