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  1. Thank you very much for what you said on my gallery, you are kind, and I appreciate it :o)

    1. Hey! I am really really sorry to hear that things are off to such a rough start for you. I still haven't made my decision on whether or not to go back, but I know how rough it can be. I really really hope things look up for you. Head and Shoulders makes a soothing lotion that you can use on your scalp and its leave it, so its nice. It doesn't make your hair look dirty or anything, once it dries, your hair still looks just as clean and nice as it had before. I used to use it before bed because th
    2. Good luck, I hope the second course will work out for you. I am thinking I may have to have a second course...mine is only after a year...but hey, whatever works right? I will keep looking in on your log, so please keep up dating! Best of luck!! <3 Jessica
    3. 343 Days OFF Accutane Sadly, for the last month or so I have been considering going back on Accutane. In the past year (okay a little less) I haven't had pimples...not real honest to God ones, just little blocked pores almost like blackheads in a sense...not until about a month ago. At first I thought it was a cyst...maybe it was, but it turned into what looked like a pimple by the time it popped...because none of my cysts pre-tane ever popped, they would get real swollen, very squishy, and
    4. Thank you! And I do always try and update...I haven't forgotten about acne.org...:o)

      1. So...a WHOLE BUNCH of days off...like 8 months...so...240ish days! New Pictures in the Gallery! I have had few spots of worry. The other day I thought I was getting a cyst in a spot where an old scar was, so I fear the return of everything...but it never turned into anything, just went away. It started as a hard spot...it was odd, but its gone now, so I am not worried. I have had the few normal pimples...but those aren't even bad, and I haven't even had those until the last 2-3 months. I have
      2. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

        yay I am still happy...and still loving Aubrey Nicole make-up for those girls that are wondering!!! ) <3 Jessica
      3. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

        Hello Hello!!! I thought I would update how pleased I STILL am after 8 months off of accutane. I 100% pleased...would do it again in a heartbeat! Any questions feel free to email! [email protected] Good Luck! Jessica
      4. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

        Right side...looking good...I am very pleased with accutane!!
      5. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

        No new breakouts and scars get better everyday!...I love it!
      6. 130ish days off accutane!! Still, no breakouts, skin is a bit more oily than it was a month ago, but nothing like before. Things have pretty much so returned to normal, except for the cysts! Yay me! Hope all is going well for everyone! Take care, and I've posted two new pictures!! ) Take care! <3 Jessica
      7. Good luck with this...I said I would never take the drug as well...that was when I was 16...now I'm 21 and wishing I'd taken it sooner now that it is all said and done. I really hope it works out well for you. Cetaphil is an awesome face wash, its what I used. Moisturizing your face as well as your body is a key factor. Eucerin calming cream is great for an all over body lotion, because it calms that itchy skin that accutane has a way of producing, especially arms and legs, and it also isn't gre
      8. Hello Everyone!! 81 Days OFF Accutane I am 100% happy I did this. I have been cyst free...pimple free...white/blackhead free...for so long..and thats never happened! I have less oil on my face than I did before, though I do miss the days of zero oil! My face isn't red all day and night, its hardly ever red. I have good days and bad days when it comes to my scars....besides the pitted ones, I have a few purple ones, but they don't bother me as much as cysts did. I am currently still using the
      9. Hey, thanks for asking, added a new picture, and updated my log...FINALLY I know!


        1. From the album: Jessica's Course With Accutane

          So, I'm not perfect...and I have scars...but I am SOOO much happier than I was before!...and I look better too...well I don't have cysts! And honestly...literally zero pimples since like 3 months into Accutane...and that was 5 months ago! ) <3 Jessica
        2. Omg! You are very pretty and your skin looks amazing. Congrats!!! ) <3 Jessica
        3. I just finished my 5 month course...took a mulitvitamin everyday for all five months and have before and continue to today. Trust me when I first started...i asked every question about everything...asked more than a handful of doctors about multivitamins...and they all said it was fine...never had a problem myself...but really in your case beachbabe...just ask your derm...see what he/she says...and if they say its fine and you don't feel comfortable with it..don't take it. Take care!
        4. Just finished my 5 months course and started using Aubrey Nicole! Its awesome...its cheap to just do starter kits or samples! Best of Luck!!
        5. I did lots of reseach and asked three of my doctors...including my derm, and they all said that a multivitamin was fine to take. What they don't want you doing is binging on food items that contain alot of vitamin A and take the mulitvitamin...which I didn't...would have rather taken the vitamin than eat my carrots. So you have to choose in that sense. They also don't want you taking vitamin A in itself...not in the multivitamin...but if your worried or don't trust me...or anyone else..Just ask
        6. I've never heard anything about vitamin c and accutane...I am an orange juice freak and just finished 5 months of accutane and never had a problem...now Vitamin A...thats a huge no no..but thats the only thing I've heard to stay away from as far as vitamins go. Best of luck take care! Jessica