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  1. Very impressive going for 3 months, congrats. Im on around 2.5 months and I've had times where my skin has been amazing and also times where its made me sad.. so theres always room for improvement it seems within the paleo diet subset. uncle buck.. zinc (amino chelate) no good?
  2. Impressive.. raw vege is one of the things I am yet to try. Whats your go-to raw vege (not including leafy greens) calorie wise?
  3. Love it! May I ask what your food staples are and do you eat lots of meat?
  4. I couldnt disagree more with that top 10 list! Looks like my old diet where I felt tired and had extreme inflammation. Paleo says no!
  5. woot! Im giving up BP and trying the aloe + paleo too!
  6. Try and get some Coconut oil (solid at many room temperatures currently). I think you might regret getting hold of some questionable butter and possibly halting your progress mentally and physically.
  7. I have a couple of these too! For me they are a sign that my skin is getting good at preventing infection, but not good in regards to blocking up just yet. I would like to bring them to the surface, but I wouldn't do it by any physical force (chemical only if possible).
  8. I don't have much to back this up, but I believe that the problem might not be water, but WARM water. Personal experience has shown excessively dry irritated skin becomes the 'normal' when showering with hot water. When I shower with cold water my skin barely needs moisturizing even with drying topicals used (abolishing these v.soon). My understanding is that there is a relationship between water temperature and oil broken down and washed off the face. Makes sense, you use hot water in your si
  9. Salycilic Acid/Aspirin Masks: havent tried Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) : 4+ years of use and im hooked. It may be controlling acne somewhat but it doesnt stop the pimples from coming for me. Baking Soda: havent tried Apple Cider Vinegar: havent tried Honey: havent tried Egg Masks: havent tried Tea Tree Oil: havent tried With Hazel: havent tried Retinol/Vitamin A: Consuming lots of A rich foods seems to help! Omega 3 oils: Balancing 03/06 definetly seems to help! Vitamin B5: Gave me strange acne and
  10. Keep consuming coconut oil internally, just not externally on the face perhaps. While your diet initially looks promising - May I recommended some areas of improvement (Paleo fundamentals). The most obvious thing is your Excessive Omega 6 consumption: 6-12 table spoons of olive oil is over the top. 10 table spoons will have you at 13.2 grams of Omega 6, which is very hard to balance out without supplementation and even then it won't make you optimal. Combine this with a Avocados and occasiona
  11. Thanks Deja, you've been an inspiration for keeping me on my Paleo ways.
  12. How long did it take for Paleo to clear you up?
  13. Im interested! I believe hormonal acne can be cured through diet.. im 22 and my acne is still hormonal but its clearing through diet. This is because non-paleo diets wreaks havoc on your hormones. Puberty does crazy things for your hormones as well unfortunately but no doubt diet will be the best thing you can do!
  14. I don't want to comment on my skin just yet cause it can be so variable- but its being very promising! I feel for your situation RockingRedhead and it's a tricky one. Part of me wants to encourage you to pursue the Paleo food diet because I believe in it, but perhaps being so young and not having complete control over what you eat means it will end up causing you more stress than good if you are forever breaking your diet! Perhaps you need to set yourself something abit more achievable which w