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  1. Hello, I have a bunch of facial scars from acne that dont look much like scars except they are incredibly shiny to the point that people think my face is oily. Any permanent solution to this thats not a makeup?
  2. yeah i have bdd and I have to say that looks like a BDD person to me. Those are typical slight enlarged pores due to aging (skin stretches a little) and perhaps overuse of products that you put on the skin or smoking. Everyone has those if you look extremely close up with extreme lighting differences. Your good looking, now deal with it. I would use my bdd so I didn't have to face my life challenges. I wasted eight years doing that. Learn its in your head. See a shrink and tell him you only wan
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Can others share their knowledge/ experience on this as well? Are you guys basically saying doing a cross on the nose area in general is a bad idea? Without a DOUBT. But your focus to fix the problem is so strong it seems to me you will indeed do something to it no matter what we 'veterans' recommend. Why dont you try something harmless like silicone sheets? Mederma? Copper peptides? or maybe a saline injection? Other then that, with the products available in 200
  4. Dont mess with that scar on your nose! I had a very similair scar from a nose job and I messed with it, and now its REALLY permanently noticable. What you have there might be noticable for you, or someone at small points... But any SELF technique has a great percent chance of making it MUCH worse. You dont want to mess with your nose. What you have isn't nearly as big a deal as what I have now. Dont do TCA, Dermabrasion, or self needling. Those are the things that got me into this mess. Only do
  5. yes this is true. I went from age 10 till current 30 in thisn order- Obsessed with birthmark on leg, then birthmark on right pectoral muscle, then nose, then eyebrows, then chin, then back to nose, then body hair, then hair on head, then weight concerns, and now finally the scars that were made by the two nose surgeries I had. It wont end, but every bdd'er thinks that the right amount of therapy, pills, and relationships, and surgeries will oneday set them 'free'.
  6. Yeah I have this illness. The scars didnt cause it though. No one knows what causes bdd. I find a high dose of an antidepressent (ssri's only) will reduce the size of the defect your concerned about, as well, you will spend less time in the mirror.
  7. my opinion is this stuff is a hoax. I mean to say its probably as effective as putting vitamin e on your scar... Which isnt to say it doesnt work a little, but as far as any kind of serious effect I think is a hoax.
  8. Has TCA cross ever made someones scar worse(deeper)?
  9. I dont mean to hijack the thread. But I too used copper peptides. It doesn't work. If you read enough about it, you will see that in lab studies copper peptides "showed signs of" skin restructuring. And thats what this is all based of! Now if you ask me, "showing signs of" does not a solution make! I have to say, I am pretty skeptical that no topical works... BUT.. If one does, its clearly retin -a... you can clearly see results from it. Unlike all the others... emu oil... vitamin c serums,
  10. Hello, So I had a doctor who injected some silicone into my scars. He slightly over corrected them. I found out that triamcinolone (Kenelog) injections can reduce the over correction. However I can't find a doctor or a supplier of the stuff so I can do it myself. Can anyone help?
  11. Hello, I have a bad indented scar from a burn accident I once had. Anyhow, its not from acne. Will TCA cross still help and 'fill in' the area for me? Or does it have to be an acne related scar?
  12. so TCA 100% always causes scarring? Isnt that what TCA cross is? ANd what about the 30% stuff? That wont work on filling in scars? Hey also -- Is 100% TCA peel the same as 100% TCA ? Or are these different products?
  13. Hello, I have been reading about TCA and it sounds somewhat promising. But some websites claim that when people say they are using 100% TCA they are not really doing that? And then some websites say you can only use a 35% TCA to not get scarring. Please, someone explain this correctly. Is it that you can use real 100% TCA as long as you only hit the scar? I have read enough and I am getting more and more confused. Also, not enough people are posting links to good sites to get this stuff
  14. is there a manual that explains TCA nearly completely that I can look at? I dont want any additional scars! Only want to reduce the ones I have.