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  1. I use HA and Benzoyl peroxide for pimples that are formed and then when it subsides, use HA on the marks in the morning and Vit C serum at night for about a year. That being said, you might want to use HA overall for your skin b/c it's supposed to strengthen it anyways. hope this helps.
  2. i'm not a fan of before and after pics because they can be doctored. video is proof in the pudding however i'd like to see similar shots of his face today compared with shots taken under bad lighting in the first vid. And preferably not within 5 days of rolling as i'm sure there is still microswelling. but yes, the fact that he's selling dermarollers makes me cautiously optimistic.
  3. I really couldn't say. Everybody's body is different. I would at least give the topicals a try though. If I had know about these kinda things back when I was a teenager, i don't think my scarring would be bad as it is right now. People nowadays are very lucky to have a good support site like this.
  4. have no clue but his vids has given me more confidence to do the dermarolling on my own. I was scared shi.tless of rolling my face but not now. What i'm gonna do is work on a small area of my face first and see how i respond before I commit full face.
  5. It looks like pretty good improvement, but I don't know that it's dissapeared. Like I said, I wish he'd let his face rest for a month and then show some closeups under bad lighting like his first several vids cause the resolution kinda stinks.
  6. oh i didn't even think to do that. thanks!
  7. try some hyaluronic acid serum, vitamin c serum, hyaluronic pills, vitamin c ascorbyl palmitate pills, licithin, zinc and eat right with plenty of sleep. Do that for a year and see what it looks like.
  8. i was using hyaluronic serum in the morning and vitamin c at night on some scars that i got last january and a year later you could hardly tell there's a scar. of course you want to eat right too, get plenty of vitamins and some sleep.
  9. on youtube. I've watched many of the videos and it appears he's getting some good improvements. I wish the resolution was better so that i can clearly see the skin but i've been scrutinizing the closeups of him and his skin looks better. He does do it once every 5 days so i don't know if it's swelling that is making it look better or what. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3XUqGWm-XI...&playnext=1
  10. I know this sounds weird, but think about this for a second, when you see a deep scar on your forehead or temples do you ever think to yourself, man, how can it be that deep? It's quite boney and thin in those regions so it seams that deep scars are more of an illusion than anything. And if the severity of scars are an illusion in those areas, than it would remain to be the same in the rest of the areas on your face. Kinda like how lighting can creat false illusions. Touch your forehead. Then
  11. yeah probably the hardest thing about dealing with acne scars is dealing with all the scams and false claims from the cosmetic surgery community. Any other type of medical problem and we're dealt with seriously and doctors are intent on curing your problem but with acne scars, you got everybody trying to sell us on everything.
  12. and about how many hours of sleep do you get? I've noticed that when I go to bed early and get a good 8 and a half hours sleep I don't get pimples. When I go to bed late or don't get much sleep i tend to break out with pimples. I'm just bringing this to people's attentions because our sleep patterns may effect us in terms of acne.
  13. mellowfellow, i have scars too, but im guessing from readin your posts, thats its your lack of confidence in youself as a whole that makes you feel so bad, are you funny, or charming, or intelligent? you haveto look at the things you like about yourself, and peopel will see past your scars.. even when i had really horribly bad acne, i decided to stop stressing over every little break out and try t

  14. antioxidants are good for your skin, espcially if applied topically. I use ANEW vit C serum for scars and i use vaseline with vit a and e + b5. And I also take lots of zinc and 1 pill of vit a per day. also get plenty of rest.fatigue and stress is not good if your prone to acne.
  15. actually, i think it's kinda comical to come on to a message board, say that a procedure has completely removed your scars and not expect some type of reaction to include a host of many questions from an audience that you know is desperate and emotional as we acne scar sufferers are. I'm not trying to step on anybody's toes or create a hoopla over this, just providing an observation.