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  1. Do you think I'll be fine just putting it on the one side that's breaking out? I don't see why I should continue irritating the other side with BP if it's not posing much of a problem. I just ordered curology and the derm said its not recommended to use BP along with it when I start it so if it doesn't get better some what in two weeks I'm going to stop it regimen..
  2. My breakout is on one side of my face mostly and it's kind of painful. They're not coming to a head. Did yours do this? And thank you for the advice
  3. I am worried that if I stop using it my acne will come back full force if not worse and the treatment won't work for me at all. I've read that it happen to a lot of people
  4. I started the regimen maybe a little over a month ago. At first it wasn't doing anything besides irritating my skin and sort of making it worse, then out of no where it started clearing me up, I was clear for a week tops. My breakouts started acting up again. I wasn't doing anything different I was following the regimen step by step. I don't really get why it's starting to get bad again, I mean my sleep has been a bit off I'm quite the insomniac but I don't really think that has anything to do w
  5. I've strictly been using the regimen, at first I was using Nerium with it but it was making my face look awful. Things I've noticed 

    • Regimen hasn't done anything for my major breakouts
    • Clears very minimal breakouts slightly within first three days of them showing 
    • Doesn't prevent new breakouts 
    • Doesn't clear breakouts fully 
    • My skin is so flaky no matter how much moisturizer I use
    • My hope for this product is running thin
    • I'm trying to stay positive |::pray:|::X