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    Getting clear skin lol!
  1. I've been on Dianette for over a year and had no side effects at all. However it didnt help with my acne. I also read bad experiences people had had taking Dianette when i first got put on it but i think you can't always go on what you hear. Everyone had different experiences on it and as i said, mine was fine so don't be worried about taking it, try it and see how it goes.
  2. Gahhh i have to wait til the 8th of august for my dermatologist appointment!! Not a happy bunny
  3. Glad your a bit better =) i hope i can be moving to the accutane logs soon!! this waiting to hear from the derm is gonna be a nightmare, its gonna seem like forever gr. you know.. ive actually had 2 full weeks of only a handful of new spots, its quite weird actually but im enjoying seeing my skin in the mornings! i keep waiting for the breakout though. As for your question babyboy i have no idea ive not been on it, but i hope it doesnt heh
  4. Heyy i see you've not updated in a while, hope everythings going alright?
  5. Well good news and bad news today.. lets get the bad(ish) news out the way first.. my glucose test results showed that after fasting/not eating for a while my blood sugar levels are too high, but once ive had some sugar they react normally.. so basically this is badish because it can pre-emptive type 2 diabetes but if i make certain changes to my diet i should be okay.. On the up note my doctor is referring me for tane he said generally my skins not bad enough to be referred for but he said se
  6. I knew that too heh, im studying animal care and animals have the same test when they get tested for diabetes! Im having my second bloodtest 2hours after ive drunk the sugary stuff, so im gona have to sit around for ages!! i might go home though then go back as my hospital is only a few minutes away
  7. Aw dont take it to heart what you were rated as, no one on there knows your personality and as soon as you like someones personality theyre instantly more attractive anyway. Good luck on getting a fulltime position at your job, the money will be very handy if your wanting to move out, i desperately want to move out but im studying still and dont have a part time job yet either so i dont see me being able to move out for ages yet =c Learning to fly sounds ace!! that would be so cool
  8. That really sucks about the distance, particularly if you fit so well together, im having the same sort of problem because the guy i like has moved about 4hours away from me, im not sure whether its going to work much longer. Cracks have appeared lately so i think he maybe isnt as into me anymore. We'll see i guess. That stress doesnt help though, and i have to be up really early in the morning to go for my glucose tolerance test.. should be fun.. NOT. The doctor didnt say anything about maybe n
  9. Stay positive dont fret yet, your only a third of the way through and it'll probably start to clear up faster once your bodies got into the swing of it. And sure you will lol get ya stick ready you just wait.
  10. Well if your ever over the UK you can take me out haha only joking. Yeah i hope it was a one off mistake result but i doubt it, i just hope its not too serious, days drag so slow when your waiting for things, i wanted to be on tane by now, oh well. I was thinking i might do the regimen til i get referred but i dont want my skin looking at its best incase they dont think its bad enough to let me on it lol
  11. Well i got my results back on wednesday, which was week earlier than id been told, so i went back there to see my doctor today and he still said a referral to a derm to see about tane would be on the cards but first i have to go for a glucose tolerance test as my blood sugar levels were high - so this test is to determine whether i have some kind of blood sugar problem or mild diabetes.. just when you think things cant get much worse. Really got me thinking today. *sigh*
  12. Yeah i like reading along with yours, i guess cos we sort of came on here at the same time hehe. Do you like our accent =P well i guess theres lots of different types of english accent but the normal london one lol. I dont know how ill cope without alcohol eek lol. I got a whole week left of waiting arrrgh its going so slow. They did all sorts of tests, they did a full blood count, a thyroid function test, liver function test, lipid profile, then tested specifically for testosterone, prolactin,
  13. Your job sounds like hard work! I havnt really thought about how the back and joint pain might affect what i do, most of the day im sat down but mornings are when i do the manuel work and tuesdays im alot more active during my work experience as part of the college course.. but i'll have to see how it goes. That is SO cool its working for you, you'll have to fight the ladies off with a stick haha
  14. I need to start coming on here more often again! Hopefully i'll be able to join you in the accutane forum soon enough (fingers crossed). Y'know its weird to hear someone say their relieved because of getting dryness haha, at least its definately having an effect on you! Hope you dont get TOO much drier though, you'll end up turning to dust
  15. If its this hard for me to get on it in the UK i dread to think how impossible it would have been to get on it if i was american lol. I have to wait 10days for my results and then go back, its gonna drag so sloooooooooow. I dont even have anything else to put in this journal anymore