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  1. I have blackheads on my chin and my nose but only I can see them... They're small but I want to get it under control!
  2. when you cut off ALL your skin with a knife and live with the pain and the scabs. i learned from experience
  3. go out in the sun. and go to bed earlier change your pillowcase
  4. accutane has helped ALOT of people if you dont like your DERM then change dr.
  5. its easier when your an adult and you have acne because other adults and kids dont make comments on it... but if your a teen then your friends will make comments on it and give you MAKE UP TIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ok! you really need to go and buy some neutrogens foundation. its not really powder when you first put it on but it really blends with your skin... its kinda sticky but when you put it on and it gets air to it it REALLY covers up zits and also you could try some covergirl whip foundation its light and looks good and it doesent get on clothes.
  7. and while you may want to have those things taking bathes in your face, its just something to make them feel bad and you feel good.
  8. Just tell them acne is actually a good thing. While you have a clear face, you also have zillions of little tiny microscopic organizms crawling in your pours and taking a bath in your oily skin. And I have acne because my skin is pushing out all the things in my face and body and making my face beautif for when the acne clears up.
  9. It's not whats on your face or body. It's what's in your heart. I know it's embarrasing to go outside with a red dotted face. But it's not your fault and your face doesn't make you who you are.
  10. Does junk food come out on your face? I just started to get pimples a few weeks ago so there not bad. I just use make up and they leave. But when I take off the make up they come back. I just don't get it. LOL!! just kidding I know why!! BUT HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM!!! dude...
  11. The problem is my mother won't let me buy a lot of things so I have to use things from my home. I have no idea what tee tree oil is.