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  1. I have been off Accutane for 7 months now. Myskin is peaches and cream!!!!! I do get the occasional blemish but all in all I am acne FREE!!!!!
  2. I've been off it for about 6 weeks and my face is still clear. So far so good and hoping it continues
  3. OP - I weigh the same as you. I started out at 30MG the first 30 days. 10MG in the morning and 20 in the evening. My derm said this was to slowly introduce my system to the Accutane and I would help reduce the "shock" severity of the drug. For my last 4 months, I was on 50MG a day. 10MG in the morning and 40 MG at night. My side effects through out were very mild. My lips were dry and occassionally cracked in the corners, but that was the worst of it. I have now been off accutane for abo
  4. Yep - when I wnet on Accutane in Feb my Derm told me lots of women ask to be put on a long term low does of Accutane. She said in low doses, Accutane keeps mild Acne at bay without a lot of side effects (dry skin etc) and shrinks pores, thus leaving the skin with a porcelain look.
  5. Wow - I love my BE. I did just recently finsih a course of Accutane so I am not experiencing any oilyness. I moisturize with Oil of Olay and wait about 5 minutes before putting on my BE foundation. I use the bisque concealer, foundation - mixed with a hint of warmth, and Glee as my blush. I never tried their eye makeup - but I don't wear shadows - only eye liner.
  6. Funny, when my acne was bad (moderate), I visited these board daily. now that I am clear, I rarely log on. Anyway... I only have 17 more days to go. My face has been completely clear for a couple months now. I don't even get break outs prior to my menstrual cycle. I have 4 red marks, but they are my fault as I was picking at them. However, I treat them 2-3 times daily with Polysporin and they are really starting to fade. My family came for a visit last week (they haven't seen me since Chr
  7. I am getting ready to start month 4. I have my derm appt on Tues and I got my blood work done this past Mon. At my last appt, my cholesterol dropped but my triglycerides were elevated. My derm told me to stop drinking soda and juice and to stop eating sweets. She was getting concerned with the levels. I have watched what I eat this month and am anxious to see what my levels are now. I hope mine aren't so elevated I have to go off the Accutane, even for a week. That would stink! I did
  8. When I am at home I use Aquaphor. At night, before bed, I coat my lips in it. When I am going to be out and about, I use Wet Your Whistle. I got it at Bath and Bodyworks and it works fabulously. The Aquafor is high gloss - that is why I only use it at home
  9. Call your derm and express your concerns. My derm said that Accutane and Amnesteem are equivalant. She said Roaccutane is one step down. Then there is Claravis and one other. My derm writes on my RX every month no substitution unless it is Amnesteem. Odds are you derm is going to want you to go thru at least one full month on your Claravis to see if you are having results. Accutane doesn't work over night. It takes a good 2-3 months for most to see results.
  10. I had to quit using Taz. My face was peeling, raw, bled if you gently wiped it. I have sensitive skin and the Taz was just too much for me. I am glad to hear others are having good results with it though
  11. I'll be done with my course the beginning of July. IMO - it isn't sacrificing anything! I am fed up with acne. My face is clear now -- I am seeing great results. There is no way in the world I would consider missing summer to be a sacrifice. Having clear skin is far to important to me.
  12. It does happen to me occassinally too. I am in week 9
  13. I am starting week 9 today. I had a derm appt thing morning and she is amazed at how clear my face is and how great my blood test results were! I have a few minor pimples. However, I don't consider them to be pimples, just tiny blemishes that are barely noticeable. My pores aren't visable. I have smooth skin. My liver is functioning completely normal! My cholesterol dropped since last month. My triglycerides are a bit high, but I think that is because I slowed down on drinking water an
  14. I get extremely tired right before that time of the month. However, when I first started taking Accutane, it took me about 3 weeks to acclimate to the Accutane and not be tired constantly. I can not comment on the redness...I am not experiencing it at all. I look like I have a slight tan.
  15. I was told, prior to starting Accutane, that I would have to wait 6 months to year after stopping to get piercings or tatoos.