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  1. wow mate thats nothing lol!! you need to chill mate! how old are you? how long you had acne? yours are the type that will eventually clear up and ud never know you had acne try taking the 5 meters back method. dont allow yourself to walk up to a mirror anything more than 5meters. you will not regret it and it helps if you are prone to picking. its hard i admit but my skin has got a lot better. i tell myself if its not noticable within 5 meters then who cares thanks for the repl
  2. firstly awesome results using the baby brush method there buddy congrats.. i've uploaded a picture of my problem area do you think this method would work well in removing/improving these? i cannot begin to describe how much they affect me! sighs.. my right cheek
  3. it would have cost maybe 50 a peel but i managed to get both for free, saving 100 i got it free on nhs - which i know does not always happen despite it being cosmetic, i told the derm these things - i thought about marks everyday - ruined my social life - hard to work at education - like i wanted to give up and i was treated That sounds like you may suffer from Body Dysmorpic Disorder, you ought to wikipidia the condition and check it out, i know that if you do suffer from this c
  4. Would ACV be an option? i've read up a little on this and the info im getting is it may be helpful and its cheap! or again is it too early to use such products? i think im going to go ahead and buy some Aloe Vera. Its just the corners of my jawline and the upper part of my neck that are bothersome but the marks arent red more pinkish which must be a good sign that there fading right?
  5. Hey, I finished a course of Accutane roughly around a month ago & i cannot praise Accutane highly enough im getting no new spots & in general my face looks rather healthy now but i do still have some post acne marks around the jawline, they are a pinkish tone & they have certainly lightened in the past few months. My question is. Is there any products i can use to speed up the process of reducing the sight of these marks more or is it still too early to use products on my skin? Cu
  6. Hey, firstly thanks for the reply i hadnt thought of trying to arrange the appointment lol so maybe i ought to get onto that and check to see if its possible. Im like you then as i dont really want to be going a day without taking the pills & what with the amount remaining it looks as if ima have to go 4 or so days without taking them which is a shame but if it isnt going to be much of a problem i guess it'll be okay.
  7. Hey folks, im like almost 2 month into my accutane journey lol & i have an appointment on the 8th with the derm no doubt for another perscription of the pills. But my current lot are almost gone Im taking 3 per day and if i continue to do so i will run out like almost 5 or so days before the appointment meaning i wont be taking any pills for those remaining days, or you reckon it'd be ok to switch back to 2 per day till i see him then when i get a fresh batch of pills i can restart with 3
  8. Hey guys & girls. Im a 19y/o male.. suffered with acne for a good few years now. The areas i feel are the worst are the whole jawline its mainly 'post acne marks' but theres also active acne, sometimes the forehead & my back is quite bad also. Anyhow i started on Accutane Saturday.. The derm suggested i start on 20mg for the first two weeks, then move on up to 40mg for the next two week after that then 80mg for the rest of the course.. This way i should not have an IB or a bad one an
  9. I havent read all of the other posts, but just wanted to tell you my experience. I have done the OTC peels, lots of them, and had them done at a salon. That was nothing compared to the one my derm did. My face peeled DRAMATICALLY...like having a bad sunburn and my skin cracked and peeled about three times over 3-4 days. I loved it. It left a new layer of smoother skin and I can tell it got down into the pores. It burns ALOT while its on and after it comes off, but its worth it. I have only had o
  10. If you have red post acne pigmentation but the mark is soft to the touch is that classed as a superficial blemish?
  11. I've tried differin didnt see much improvement but i wasnt on it all that long.
  12. If you dont need to be bare chested all that often just leave it be. It'll fade in time
  13. Look for info on TCA peels there medium depth so theres some down time & through the recovery you'll look pretty bad but the results are meant to be very good
  14. As the saying goes.. It'll get worse before it gets better. Im using it now been on it around a week and im going through a IB. My guess is most will also.
  15. Hey all. Im after buying a chemical peel preferably TCA of around 20% maybe little higher in order to help with post acne marks. Which websites are there who ship to the UK and there goods are of a decent quality?