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  1. Wearing thin gloves when you are bored or stressed helps to prevent picking or scanning your skin with your fingers to find blemishes. If you pick in front of the mirror, like I do, it helps to set timers to make sure that you get out of the bathroom ASAP. I also put a strip of masking tape on the floor several feet away from the mirror that I have to stand behind. Bringing happy music into the bathroom when you have to brush your teeth or something is really helpful too. This last one migh
  2. I think skin picking definitely has a lot to do with acne. I used to have quite a lot a acne on my chest, shoulders, and upper back but in the past few months, I've stopped picking there (and have unfortunately focused more on my face) and my chest and back are the clearest they've been since I started getting acne (about 3-4 years ago). I've also noticed that the light on the left side of my bathroom mirror went out about a month ago and so I focus my picking more on the right side of my face b
  3. Hi, I'm also trying to stop my skin picking! I've had acne for probably almost four years and I think I've always picked at it to some degree but lately it's been getting really bad, and it seems like every time I try to stop, the urge to pick comes back even harder! Anyway, this comment is more for me than anyone else. I don't have anyone I can talk about this with in real life but maybe I'll be able to hold myself accountable if I post something online instead of bottling it all up in my head.