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  1. My family is so dysfuntional. My older brother has always hated me (don't ask me why; I don't know what I did wrong) and my older sister and I /always/ tend to clash. Her assessment of my acne was: "I may be fat, but look at your face. At least I don't look like /that/." She's always hated me for being "thin" (IMO, a BMI of 23-24 isn't "thin", merely "average") and for being the "attractive" one, as well. She's thrilled that I have acne. (A side note, though: I don't think I'm attractive
  2. OMG! How are you?

  3. Come on you two, post! We miss you. :)

  4. My friend hasnt posted here in over two weeks :(

  5. You don't crave MORE sweets during your period or PMS? Is this a consistent craving for a high amount of sweets? Not that I can help, but hey, let's refine the question. xD
  6. I always crave sweets, too, but that's just me. o.o Dumb question, but are you about to start your period? Your body knows what you need, as far as I know, certain cravings at certain times of the month are actually your body trying to help you. I'm not a salty person. I don't like crisps or things like that. When I want a snack, I almost always reach for a sweet snack. Hmm. I wonder if that means anything.
  7. Good luck! I find I'm too damn'd pale for most brands, too. When I went to the department store, alas, even THEIR lightest shade was too dark for me. I feel hopeless. Let me know how it goes! ^^
  8. I just bought some new makeup - L'Oreal True Match - and their lightest shade is STILL too dark for me. Let's just chalk that up as another brand I can't use. =/ The base turned out okay, but for some reason, the powder is WAY too dark and orangey/pinkish, and it's a neutral (cools are too pink on me, warms are too orange, and neutrals are oraink? piorange?). The base was a warm, but the coverage really stunk. They had ran out of Covergirl TruBlend when I went shopping last night (good cover
  9. Um, YES, complain. You are entitled to your feelings just as much as everyone else here is, and you're MORE than welcome to vent here. I currently have about four or five cysts, and yes, I would much rather have only one or two pustules, but acne is devastating no matter how it manifests. When my acne was as mild as yours, I was still an emotional wreck. My redmarks lasted weeks to months at a time, too. Even with a single zit or two, I felt ugly and frustrated and angry at my skin. Having
  10. I bought some Cetaphil today. Now all I need is some expert advice about mixing it with TTO. =D