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  1. Micheal, Here are more recommendations. These companies offer cheap sample packs: www.lumierecosmetics.com www.oceanmistcosmetics.com www.everydayminerals.com If you can post a picture of yourself in natural light, I can even help you with color selection. Hope you find something that works, good luck!
  2. My recommendation goes to Lumiere. The sample pack is only 3 dollars, as I recall. Their product comes in those annoying plastic baggies, but it is very good mineral makeup, especially if you are on an acne treatment that dries out your skin. I'd recommend the Flawless formula.
  3. That's one thing I really like about the microdermabrasion procedure, it's much less costly than other treatments. And I don't think it will make things any worse. So I agree, there isn't much to lose. I think I may need several treatments. If I can just get my skin texture smoothed out, I'll be happy. When I was younger, I still had the few icepick scars that I have now, but my skin texture was a lot better, and I was totally happy with my skin back then. If I can get back to that point,
  4. I've got large pores and a bit of scarring. (my pics are in my album). I'm afraid to get Fraxel, because some people on here said that it made their pores look even worse. I'm thinking about trying microdermabrasion. Not sure if it would work, though.
  5. I've tried it. The color match was great (creamy natural), but it made my skin look and feel gross (like the others have mentioned).
  6. I think pale skin is beautiful, too. I wish mine were more pale.
  7. I like the tru blend powder foundation, as well. Yes, you will need to get a different sponge for it. They usually sell a big bag of those at walmart and they work fine, for me. I've tried the liquid version and I didn't like it. It was gritty and dry on my combo skin, but it might work for someone who is oilier.
  8. I've seen it all in Wal-Mart. It's really cute stuff, but doesn't seem wearable for daytime, IMO. It would probably be ok for a teen or young adult, but I'm pushing 35. So, I can't justify spending money on it.
  9. I use the active light colorstay. The regular stuff is too heavy. Anyhow, I really like it, but the color-match is a bit off. I have three different shades of it (Ivory, Buff, and Sand) and I could probably get the perfect color if I mixed some, but I guess I'm too lazy... lol. Currently, I'm wearing Ivory, which is a tad bit too light and slightly pink.
  10. Mineral makeup hasn't worked for me, so far. It's all so dry and chalky. Even Lumiere, which is supposed to be moisturizing, is too dry and chalky looking. I really don't know what else to try.
  11. There have been two foundations that I loved discontinued in the past. One was Maybelline Great Wear, the other one was L'oreal Translucide. I hate it when they do that.
  12. I have a light olive skintone and my 'redmarks' actually have more of a purplish cast to them. I find yellow-based concealer works much better than green at covering them.
  13. Try Lumiere in the Flawless formula. The sample kit is really cheap. Also, get a shade darker than you normally would, as the colors run sort of light (they did on my skin, anyhow). www.lumierecosmetics.com
  14. I've heard that the shiny-ness of it (bismuth) makes pores look huge, and I've also heard many people have problems with itchy skin when wearing it.
  15. I have found that all the mineral make-up I have tried runs light. I usually wear light shades in liquid makeup, but in mineral, I have to use the medium shades.