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  1. Most of my acne was on my chin too! I am about 20 days ahead of you. Good luck!
  2. Well, here is day 18, and I am finally seeing some improvement. My IB has finally subsided, although my skin is still peeling pretty badly on my chin where the break out was the worst. But looking at my other pics, I can see that there is great improvement on my neck, and my forehead too (if you ignore that one pimple there). I am having very few side effects, my lips are somewhat dry, as is the inside of my nose, but this is all easily cured with vaseline. I tried about a million different li
  3. Wow, your response to accutane sounds kinda like mine, but I am on day 16 so reading your log is like looking into the future. I am having a pretty bad IB right now, but I am hoping to be over that soon. Right now my skin is very sandpapery, and my lips have that dry feeling, even under the vaseline. Oh well, good luck with you and I will be checking in again to check your progress!
  4. Wow, this initial breakout REALLY sucks. My acne is worse than it has been in years. I am looking forward to this going away ASAP...
  5. So today is day 7 and I am seeing changes in my skin for sure. My skin is still oily, but feels dry and tight under the oil if that makes any sense. I think my skin is a little less oily, but it is hard to tell for sure yet. I can still almost soak one of those blue oil-absorbing sheets by 10 am. My hair is still oily, and still has to be washed every morning. Every time I run my fingernails over my scalp, I keep coming away with little grainy chunks in my fingernails. I am assuming that these w
  6. there is a kat on your back, just thought i'd let you know

  7. Kimberley Kitty

    Various Pics

    Various Pics
  8. Yay! I took my first pill last night! My derm put me on 40 mg 2 times daily to start. I am a big girl, so I figure that it won't give me any trouble, even though it is kind of a high dose. When I went to pick up the meds last night I was afraid of the cost, but it ended up only costing me $10 for two boxes of Claravis 40 mg, so I was pretty happy. Here are some pics I just took this morning. I hope to update them weekly to help me monitor my progress. My face is not actually too bad right now,
  9. OK, as time gets closer, I swear it it going slower! I still have almost two weeks until I get to start accutane I found out that even though my appointment is February 9th, I will have to wait until the bloodwork comes back before I can start. It will most likely be February 12th or 13th before I will really be able to pop my first pill. I am also getting a little bit paranoid about the dry skin side effects. I ordered a tube of Dr Dan's Cortibalm lip stuff today, I have ALWAYS been prone to
  10. I'll be starting accutane soon, and this is one of my biggest worries. I am not scared of any side effects, but I am scared that my bloodwork will make them discontinue the medication. My baseline levels are borderline high to begin with. Has your doctor mentioned anything about just adding some cholesterol medications to your regimen? I think that I have read about that before for accutane users who have problems with their LDL levels... Well good luck!
  11. OK, I am VERY new here on this message board, and I am still trying to figure out how it all works, so if I say or post something stupid, please forgive my ignorance. I will be starting Accutane on February 9th, and I stumbled across this website in an attempt to get more info about Accutane, and all of the side affects it causes. My face was always very clear as a teenager, and I did not really experience any break outs until I was pregnant with my first son (at age 20). My OB/GYN assured me t