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  1. I have some questions related to skin care.I have a scar on my right cheek just below my eyes from acne.At times It is noticeable sometimes it looks like it disappeared but especially at night it looks very prominent plus mu skin pores are noticeable too. I also have 3 pin size holes on face too they don't look like acne scars but more like magnified skin pores.I also sometimes wonder that how to do some you tubers on you tube have perfect skins like actors.Flawless.how?I would also like to know
  2. The scar is not a problem as much as its location.It is just below my eyes.Since I only have some brown spots left to treat the scar looks more visible.Distortion in skin is very visible.Plus it is bright red in color so it kinda stands out.
  3. I have been monitoring my acne scar for months and there has been no progress.I recently took a picture. OLD New
  4. I have read some articles about vitamin d healing scars
  5. I have herd that using vitamin D serum from capsule can heal depressed can scars.Can It heal this one?
  6. What is the difference between the three?Is it true that some scars heal themselves by time?
  7. I have this visible depressed scar under my eyes due to picking my skin.It is the only depressed scar I have and makes me feel sad.It is 6 months old and I don't know if it is healing.Doctor says even she doesn't know about it.What can I do to heal it?
  8. well I still have some hyper pigmentation marks and red marks.I am taking some medicines and using some creams.They are having visible effects.should I wait till they vanish plus this scar is 6 months old?
  9. If you have to take such an extreme closeup where each individual pore is visible and then point out your scar with three red circles, I doubt this is noticable from a social distance. Don't do anything stupid and make this worse. It is visible that's why it bothers.It is the only scar I have at the most visible place of my face. Were there any side effects.Should I get it done from a clinic?
  10. Can I ask How much did you spent on treatment?
  11. Do you think this car will heal?
  12. Hello Everyone I am a 17 years old girl.I never had acne but because of medicines I used to take I got severe acne.Acne is gone now but I have red marks and a scar below my eyes.Its not deep but visible above the surface.I wanted to know if it can heal on its own or I have to take some medicines or any treatment.I am currently using an exfoliation cleanser,Vitamin d powder,and hyper pigmentation cream recommended by the doctor.It happened after pimple popped.Should I get demarolling or should