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  1. i think my acne is like moderate. because that pic is kinda bad. all i got is quite a bit of pimples. but in the pic it looks worst. i have a lot of red marks from my previous pimples. thats why it think it looks worst than it actully is. thanks everybody posting a reply
  2. Can anyone tell me what the dip method is?
  3. No. never tried it. what does it do?
  4. My skin never use to be this bad. Yea it did make my skin worst but i thought it would get better after that but it havent yet.
  5. I went to the derm before and she give me some bp cleanser and differin and minoclyine like 2 months ago. I went from having just a few and now to this.
  6. can you rate my acne. and can you give me some advice