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  1. Hey honey_bee... I too have found BP and foundation refuse to work together, so under my makeup I use Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer mixed with Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment. The Clear Pore Treatment is not makeup friendly either until you mix it with the moisturizer. Then I get a great surface to put my foundation on, and I'm still medicated so to speak.
  2. Godess, don't blame me if this doesn't work. And don't try it if you have sensitive skin. When I have/had spots that were finally drying I would do one of two things. If it was big and dry in the way of makeup looking good, I would sand it down with an emery board. The not so rough side. Then moisturise, then makeup. If it is dry enough I can tell it isn't raw under the scab, I take the dry skin off with packing tape. I do not reccomend you should do this because it does cause scaring! I
  3. I once put egg white on my face and let it dry. I don't think it did any good cause I had a hell of a time getting it off. It was supposed to tighten my pores. Don't remember it doing that. I practically had to scrape it off.
  4. Don't waste any more money on any more of them. Garnier or not. Follow Dan's regimen! It is simple and works. I have been doing it since last november and I noticed results in the first couple of days!!! My skin is so clear now. I have had acne since puberty and I am 30. This will work for you! Check my other postings to read more.
  5. Sorimachi, digestion is a huge part of the battle with acne. I don't remember what the product was advertised above to such great extent, but as long as you try to increase the good bacteria in your gut, and have a healthy flora, your skin will improve. Having regular bowel movements is important cause you don't want that rotten s*** in there longer than necessary. All of the ingredients that were mentioned are good. One thing you will find helps with digestion is avoiding wheat! Wheat is m
  6. Voice, it really depends on your makeup. My dad is 57 and still suffers. I am 30 and have found clear skin with Dan's regimen. My little autistic brother 16 suffers BAD. My mother and older sister have clear skin. But one thing I know will give you more acne as you grow older is taking antibiotics. They will kill the bad that causes acne, but they will kill the good that prevents it. I have yet to meet someone that suffers with BAD acne that hasn't been antibiotics for it. And the acne i
  7. And here I thought I was using enough. I have had good results, but I am not using even one tube a week. I am going to up my useage today! I will be rubbing for hours. It seems to take my face a long time to absorb it.
  8. I use Cetaphill gentle skin cleanser and daily moisturiser and haven't had any problems. In fact the moisturiser is the best I've ever found. I don't know alot about Sodium Laurel Sulfate though. Other than it is in almost everything. Maybe you could educate me.
  9. Dude, Dans regimen is really good. Try it and stick to it. You will see an improvement! I've had acne all my adult life and Dans regimen works! You needn't worry so much about being physically georgeous. Be mentally georgeous in your personality and you will fighting them off. This might have happened to humble you. Try the REGIMEN! 2.5% BP is the cure.
  10. Please be careful guys. It was about 10 years ago that I did this with bad results. I used 10% bp, then put something on over it, not mixed in, over, and I got my whole face burnt. I don't remember what it was, some kind of cream to stop the dryness. But it acted like a catalyst. And man was that bad. It took ages for my face to go back to normal and not be so dry and leather like. The acne didn't disappear like magic either. I think you need to be extreemly careful what you mix BP with.
  11. I'm a drooler. I cannot seem to sleep and breathe through my nose. I have had acne for years/always. I drool, but my acne isn't bad where drool reaches. The regimen is one of the only things in my life that has helped. Sporonox (anti fungal) being the only other. I reckon drool could affect already present acne in the drool zone. As was already mentioned... lots of bacteria.
  12. I have never found that Iodine has effected my acne. It took away the goiter that was growing when I hadn't had enough Iodine. Anyway, Bread; white or wheat it is the Gluten in it that gives me acne. When I cut out bread all together the zits I'd had for 3 months continuous were gone within 10 days. I cut out all Gluten which is VERY hard especially for a carb adict, and I have been Gluten Free for 4 years now. I can't even tolerate low gluten grains like Spelt. I only really discovered th
  13. Nessa, You should try Bio Oil. You can get it in the Chemist. It is supposed to help with scars, and it hasn't taken my scars away, but it has sure helped. I don't feel as ugly as I used to since I started using it. It has improved the texture so much that now I'm trying Dans regimen, my skin seems soo much smoother. By the way, can you find On the Spot in this country? Or a 2.5% BP? I can't.
  14. I use a product called Bio Oil. Their website is www.Bio-Oil.info This is the most unique product I have ever used. I have been burnt with BP in the past when I've used too much or mixed it with something wrong. Anyway, Bio Oil is the softest thing I have ever found for my skin. It is an oil, but not really. It sinks in and isn't oily. Hard to describe, but it sure helps heal what I do to my face. I don't know if it is available in Malaysia, visit the website and see. I also use it on my
  15. timbo, I have had terrible acne in the past, it is much better now but I still hate the skin I look at. I see it as uneven and scarred, but just like you, I am 3 inches from that mirror. When I am having a good day, and am covered with makeup I look ok. But like you self esteem is a hard thing to improve. Two things helped me with that. First I DECIDED that I liked me. I like who I am. I like my integrity. I like my talents. I decided I like me. I made the decision. Secondly I started li