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  1. http://www.murad.com/ibeCCtpItmDspRte.jsp?...;minisite=10020 How effective is Murads products, in particular this supplement. Do any of them have any credence at all. Or is this another gimmick?
  2. "We found that plasma vitamin A concentrations in patients with acne were significantly lower than those of the control group (336.5 vs. 418.1 lg ℠L, respectively) P ¼ 0.007. We also found that plasma vitamin E concentrations in patients with acne were significantly lower than those of controls (5.4 vs. 5.9 mg ℠L) P ¼ 0.05. In addition, we found that there is a strong relationship between decrease in plasma vitamin A levels and increase in the severity of acne condition. Patients with seve
  3. Where did you get it! (I live in that area to)
  4. Wait you avoid B12 and Folic acid? Do you mind telling me what website you got this from because I've heard about it before.
  5. I heard that eating high-glycemic index diets can cause an increase in cellular inflammation or something along those lines. This can eventually lead to acne.
  6. While I am no doctor I don't think thats keloid, and is actual acne. I have had the similar problems and Tazorac combined with green tea and fish oil and a lot of patiences almost cleared me up. (It cleared me up but i messed up and it came back). So starting from scratch
  7. How well has the blue light/redlight worked for you? Does it help with body acne? Is there anything else that you take that helps?
  8. Okay I've read in these forums that some people have these lamps with red/blue lights that help prevent acne. What I would like to know is how well they work and how long you have used them. I know it takes awhile to see results. Secondly what brand cover the most area/the most effective/ the cheapest. Please Give me FEEDBACK!
  9. Basically, I've read that brewer's yeast seems to help acne alot. Any confirmations?
  10. Just a side note: Vitamin lotion may prevent scaring. (researching) "Skin surrounding a wound contains four times as much vitamin D as uninjured skin does. This **MAY** be because extra D triggers the production of an immune-system molecule that helps wounds heal faster and cleaner. Trials on topical D treatments have begun."
  11. Ok in my MensHealth magazine (which is an awesome magazine might i add) that a "Radio-frequence treatment can clear pimple-prone skin while preventing future breakouts." Just one to three treatments over 4 weeks eliminated 75 perc. This technology is being pushed to doctors or so it states. Its worth a look IMO. I'll ask my derm about it.
  12. Ok just a side not for all of you: I've read that (MensHealth) that they've been studying men with breast tissue development and guess what. All of them had been using a tea tree oil or lavender shampoo/soap/lotion. Since these two ingredients seem to promote estrogen and decrease androgens. Just a side note.!