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  1. are there any picture of a before and after progress of those who has used this regimen?
  2. I have acne with pus, do you think B5 will work for me??
  3. I gave up on using ACV, my skin is so dry which makes the redness of my face even more.. I think it just doesn't work for me
  4. Let me get this right, you take 2 tablespoons (should be teaspoons) of natural ACV a day and drink how many glasses of soda a day, and you think the ACV will damage you? Come on people, some of you worry too much. BTW, I'm also pretty underweight for my age. I weight 130lbs (9.5 stone) and am over 6ft. There's the same amount of vinegar in salads and stuff too probably. I am afraid of my teeth, lots of people says here that it will damage your teeth. Is that right?
  5. I sometimes also feel this kind of burning in my throat, but don't worry about it. Drink a lot of water and tomorrow after you wake up then it's all going to fade.
  6. It's been my 2nd day taking this and I only take 2 tablespoons each day right now because I weight only 110 and I am afraid that it will damage me somehow. The progress is really great, my redness is beginning to fade out.
  7. what does actually causes this hyperpigmentation?
  8. this is what I also had with my face, I thought it was some kind of acne.. can some one link me the baby brush method??
  9. I just started this regime yesterday, taking 4 tablespoon of braggs apple cider vinegar and it seems that today my redness has reduced although there hasn't been really going on with my pimples, but yeah I think it works. I am going to drink it until 2 weeks and see what happens.
  10. I also usually take before bed. Riceball, how many dose of vitamin do you take each day??
  11. so it's fine if I take vitamin E more than 400IU per day??
  12. you still have some hope, although it must have take some time.. why don't you try to consume vitamin c & e, it might help a bit
  13. that's true because when you sleep that's the time for your skin to repair
  14. but vitamin A with the correct dose could help with acne right?