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  1. Well to some extent yes. When we sleep, our blood circulation becomes more relaxed. When you walk around in the morning your circulation speeds up making you look 'redder'. Sleeping longer probably won't help, just get a solid 8 hours minimum
  2. I am looking for a good hair gel that does not cause acne b/c I broke out really badly last summer from some random gels I found at CVS. Those pimples caused redmarks that haven't faded yet and are scarring. I didnt use it on my face lol BTW, this would be only for occasional use, not every day. Thanks.
  3. damn thats crazy, but how would an entire video be edited like that?
  4. ACV works great as an aftershave, stings like hell but hey you can kill two birds with one stone
  5. ACV is great, I will make my own picture thread soon as I get a high quality digital camera. I have before pics from february on my cell phone and even with the bad quality you can see how red and big they are.
  6. i've read some essential oils work well. can't remember which, i think it was tea tree oil maybe.
  7. The sun will only prolong your red marks so it is highly recommended you go out with a good 30-45 spf sunscreen to block out uva/uvb rays. A tan will only give you temporary fading plus your marks will come back nastier than ever if you don't use sunscreen. So make sure you tan with a sunscreen on (yes it is possible). or maybe consider those artificial tan lotions, though i'm not sure about their effects on acne, so double check with your derm if you plan to use those.
  8. yup lighting has a lot to do with how you perceive your skin. there have been several "lighting threads" before this one and they all agree on this. obviously no one can control lighting everywhere so dont let it get to you
  9. also try to get lots of vitamin C, and a decent amount of vit A as well. multivitamins like Centrum are good, but you should get more A, C, and E than what they already include from either food or supplements.
  10. I use cetaphil spf 15 moisturizer. its available online at drugstore.com so you can have it shipped to you in the UK. Not sure about stores though, you're gonna have to check that out.
  11. well if you already had them from before and they just got redder, it's probably the increased blood pressure from sleeping on your face. it's probably temporary, a couple days at most, few hours for me when that happens.
  12. I have heard a product called "sudocrem" has helped make them less noticeable. it is not available in the US if you live here, but a similar product (any zinc oxide cream) will probably work as well.
  13. it's more of a case by case thing. sometimes the person may think something is working when in fact it is time that is healing the skin. i myself have used aloe vera and still use it w/ acv. i can't say if either acv or aloe vera has helped but my marks have def. improved. again, maybe it is just time. who knows?
  14. Accutane has many side effects, and it is generally better to avoid Rx drugs, or any medicines for that matter, when you don't need them. Dan Kern is the founder of this site, his regimen can be found here: http://www.acne.org/regimen.html Be sure to read all of it carefully, it is only 3 steps, but be sure you know what you're doing for best results. It's worth it and quite easy to use once you get the hang of it.
  15. I agree, accutane is kinda too strong for the acne that I can see in the pics. Dan's regimen seems like it would be able to wipe that junk out in a matter of weeks, even less possibly. I would try that if you haven't already. And about your beard, how old are you? I am 18 and my beard is similar to yours, maybe a little thicker, but it hasn't come in fully on the cheeks. If you have scars in some places, hair won't grow there, but if not, it will come in with time. I have noticed that over the
  16. i don't mean to hijack the thread or anything, but my question was similar so i figured i might as well post in here. can a scar get Bigger? my redmarks (no scar in the past) seem to be fading but i am noticing small indentations, icepicks, appearing where they used to be, even though i don't get acne in that area anymore. some are quite large and red and i guess you would call them boxcar, not sure really. Thanks!
  17. how old are you scarred12? like Vincent err Canadian Bacon said, unless you're a teenager, you can't do much.
  18. what is this scoring with hot chicks you speak of fixed :dance:
  19. well moisturizing will help your skin heal faster in general, but personally, i don't think it has much effect, at least on my skin. i still keep it moisturized since dryness causes breakouts for me.
  20. 1 - testosterone from lifting can increase oil production which might cause acne, i'm not sure about redmarks though 2 - tap water, as in your shower, can be very drying. make sure not to shower for extended amt of time. about 5 mins per shower is good if you must shower twice 3 - i have had moderate success with apple cider vinegar (ACV). might wanna try that for a couple of months and see 4 - i dunno to be honest. you should probably get that checked out just in case, it's most likely nothi
  21. left also. i think there was a poll on these forums i saw a while ago that asked the same question. most ppl replied left, oddly enough