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  1. i wish, that's what it was like 25-50 years ago now women want to have a man with money and wealth and looks and humor and personality and...the list goes on...but don't expect a thing from a woman because that is sexism it doesn't help that the media practically promotes the idea that all men are worthless traitorous garbage
  2. http://technology.sympatico.msn.cbc.ca/New...d=science-looks gives me even more motivation not to eat like crap and have a sedentary life
  3. why would it take away the effect ? the additional omega 6 should not impair the absorption of EPA and DHA from the fish oil on the other hand chugging back a cup of it total each day in your food adding 21 grams omega 6 is probably not a good idea either the reason why olive oil among the best fat sources is because over 70% of it is monounsaturated fat which has many benefits practically everything except calorie-deficient foods like most fruits and veggies have high omega 6 content, if you
  4. veggies are bad too, they contain carbs water is your only food choice but is polluted as well
  5. of course it's not good, simple carbs are worthless except at periods of high insulin sensitivity (like after workouts), and ethanol wrecks your liver which is the organ you want to keep healthy to prevent acne
  6. if you don't have allergy issues you should put fish oil pills/liquid at the top of importance
  7. Oh dear lord, I think I found them. http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acne_dete...e/printable.htm Myristyl Myristate COM rating = 5/5 Glyceryl Stearate COM rating = 3/5 Cetyl Alcohol Stearic Acid COM rating 2/5 (not that bad, but still just to show there are more than 2 ingredients worth mentioning). Un freaking believable. What a load of crap. I am going to be so pissed off if this is the reason for all these depressing moments. Wish me luck, I hope this is the last part of this stup
  8. 3 meals a day, split up the supplement total quantities equally like 6 fish oil pills per meal
  9. i have no idea http://whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=132 "Different manufacturers list different smoke points for their olive oils, and some manufacturers list a temperature very close to smoke point as their maximum limit for safe heating of the oil. When these temperatures might be correct for avoiding large amounts of some harmful substances that can be created through heating of the oil, they are not correct limits for preserving the unique nutrients (especially polypheno
  10. genuine health ? their purification procedures are supposedly among the best but the prices are just too expensive
  11. yep that's why i only eat large portions of carbs for breakfast or after workouts, when insulin sensitivity is higher compared to the rest of the day
  12. does the mediterranean involve copeous amounts of veggies/fruit with each meal ? that amount of fiber will pretty much make any pasta/bread/while flour not an issue
  13. let me guess it prescribes ridiculously expensive numerous supplements/herbs along with expensive organic whole foods like every other diet + acne book out there
  14. just put it in your meals like over veggies or in a salad it is strongly anti-inflammatory
  15. this is why many people clear up on a diet that is net anti-inflammatory and net alkaline