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  1. my cleanser is just water. anything else makes my skin feel really stretchy and dry, i am considering buying the basis soap, i always liked that one. i use the cetaphil moisturizer every night.
  2. has anyone here started the regimen over a few times before really figuring it out and clearing up? ive been doing it for about 3 weeks now and im prety sure im on the wrong track somehow. I started off using really really tiny amounts of bp and moved up a little bit, but i havent really changed for about 2 weeks and my skin seems to be getting really irritated, im using less than he reccomends to start off with even now.i can only wash with water otherwise my face seems to feel really dry and
  3. this is not a post about tanning to reduce appearance of acne. im actually mostly cleared again, i just figured this would be a good forum to post this question in, because i really dont know much about tanning. i want to get a tan, on my face, because im a pretty white guy and i think a little darker would go a long way anyway, i spend ALOT of time in the sun, because of marching band, but for some reason my face doesnt really get alot of sun, its probably because ive got long curly hair t
  4. most likely the side effects will not affect your studies in any way. accutane actually improved my studies because i couldnt focus in school, i was obsessed with my face, but when i was clear i could go with an open and ready mind.
  5. i might be able to provide a unique viewpoint here--> im 16, and i had pretty awful acne starting at 14. i was on every antibiotic (all the cyclines, and arythromicine) and none of them worked. i tried all the topicals (differin, clindamycin, retina, tazorac) and none of those made a drastic difference. i was hella depressed about it, i remember one night sitting with my mom on the couch crying because i had put up with it for so long and it was SO taxing on my character. i couldnt focus
  6. no offense, but i think SCIENTISTS know a little better than you do about the links between diet and acne. besides theres already been studies that show that junk food with lots of sugar can cause acne, but i dont think its very big factor in most peoples acne.
  7. maybe military doctors dont prescribe accutane at all. hasnt anyone seen full metal jacket?
  8. mine fucking never went away those aassholes. i was looking forward to that too. i wouldnt expect a huge breakout just because your increasing your dosage,unless its a HUGE increase like, 20 a day to 80 a day, then maaaaybe therell be an flare up of some kind, but i still doubt it
  9. ive been using it for a really long time. actually i stopped about a week ago because my face was getting too irritated by other acidic products i was using. but its really an awesome moisturizer, although it does leave you somewhat shiny. that part kinda sucks, and to be honest, the first few times i applied it i THINK it broke me out, because your face has to get used to it. its a superb moisturizer, really keeps you from getting dry. if your already dry give it a few days and youll be fi
  10. www.geocities.com/loganruns73/ he explains it in his guide. the section on microbial proliferation is in the beginning.
  11. Doesn't sound like a great idea to be washing your face with that stuff. ←
  12. my acne at the time was a little worse than mild, but not severe by any means. the side effects are pretty insignificant. take it with non dairy food and youll be fine.
  13. I'm not selling anything, just telling people that they can buy 250 grams of B5 from beyond-a-century.com. Bulk Nutrition probably has it, too. If you read what I said carefully and have at least a basic level of understanding of the English language, you can understand that I was not offering to sell anything. ←