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    i love to worship the lord,yes im werid i study i love it ,i play golf ,swim,tennis,volley ball,basket ball, etc<br />:) <333<br />I am a person who dances<br />i do<br />hiphop ,jazz,modern,and ballet :)
  1. Hi Hara,

    I answered your sig question via PM.

  2. geez wow..thats good everything is clearing up good lucky
  3. well acutally clinque is reallyt good doest affect the infected area of the face ive use it before it doesnt make it worse or better but not only does the compacts and fountadations and other make stuff they soaps are extrememly good
  4. errrmmm i dont think so.. honestly benzoyl peroxide makes people have less wrinkles and stuff so..yeh
  5. hara

    Hannah's faces without acne <3

    this is when i started to use regimen :)
  6. ohh ic xDD well i got neutrogena on the stop and i started to use it and omgggg like in one night the red ness kinda faded away and like my pimples alll got reallly small im so amazed OMG THANK YOU THANKYOU
  7. OHH well ic.. im kinda noob at this XD~~ mmmm neutrogena on the spot?? it really?works? mm i was wondering like.. when can u see the results?
  8. wait so ur saying that apple cider on ur face makes acne go away??? please message meeee
  9. NEUTROGENA REALKLLY WORKS omggg serisously t 9:00 pm i went down to a local durg store and got some and maaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i followed what dan did.. and geez my face is almost veryy clear i still have a little pimple here and there but man it really works my red spots are gone and my face feels soo soft WOOOOT as u can see u cant see any of my pimples because they are under my bangs but as soon as i gte my camera fixed i wilo show u my fore head
  10. i was wondering does regimen realllly work?? okay well i use retin-a .1% and its like.. not working as good as it shoudl.. and drys my face sooooooooooooooooooo much no joke.. and im going crazy.. i swear im dieing. and well im only 13 and like i cant use credit card so i was wondering where can i get some regimen?