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  1. Has anyone seen a correlation between sensitivity to tree nuts and seeds, and acne / folliculitis? For years my daughter has experienced sore and tight throat as well as itchy ears and itchy eustachian tubes, as well as sudden sinus stuffiness, and sometimes rapid heartbeat. She also experiences acne flare-ups and severe facial skin inflammation, red blotchiness, which appears and disappears for no particular reason at random times. We never put anything together until these past 2 weeks. We
  2. I just want to pipe in here. I'm 50+ and have had acne since a teen. As a teen, my diet was terrible--I remember coming home from high school and being so hungry...the only food in the house was white bread, and I would eat 6 slices of toast right away. Then dinner would be high carb, followed by a breakfast of cereal, lunch of a bagel and something like sweetened yogurt, a bag of chips for some salt cravings...anyway, it paved the way to a path of breakouts, combined with hormonal issues. [i
  3. Beth--first, a hug. I'm really leery of newbie posters like above ^^ who immediately make a referral to a website. Yet this person might be onto something (minus the sales pitch, of course). There is an answer--many in our medical and scientific community already know it! but unfortunately, it is ignored in our society, and doctors believe their patients want an easy fix, a.k.a. a prescription drug. I had terrible, horrible cystic acne starting about age 12. I lived behind a thick
  4. kimanjo

    Cheap, Easy to apply pink..but Folks, the magic ingredient in the calamine lotion is zinc oxide. When I was in my teens and twenties, I had terrible cystic acne. Nothing worked, and my heavy alcohol and white bread diet didn't help. I was a sad young lady who hid behind a layer of thick makeup. In my 30s and 40s my acne improved, as did my diet (see any correlation here?) and cutting out alcohol. Also, I began to see a pattern: after I went through a week of eating chocolate and/or d
  5. Update for week 5: my daughter has 2 small pimples--one is going away, the other is ready to implode. That's it. Her red marks are all fading, there is no more acne. She is continuing her daily regimen of yeast fighting (taking Candex or Candizyme, as directed) and probiotics in the form of Primal Defense RAW, or PB8, or Jarrow FemDophilis, rotating morning, evening, and nighttime. She does nothing more than wash her face with Cetaphil now. No anti-acne products whatsoever. Diet is m
  6. Finally, after 6 years of searching and searching...false hopes and thousands of dollars in potions, lotions, and a constant round of dermatologists: we discovered the cause of the acne is due to a candida overgrowth on the skin, and the complications from the overgrowth. To put it simply, the candida created a thin, almost invisible film on the skin. This film did not allow the pores to purge naturally, nor allow the skin to shed on a regular basis. Topical treatments could treat some of th
  7. In an attempt to improve my health I went through a period of eating extremely healthy meals: a huge bowl of steel cuts oats and bananas and yogurt for breakfast; cooked fish or chicken and steamed broccoli and blue corn tortilla chips for lunch; baked potato and chicken or fish and vegetables for lunch, and snacks of peanut butter and fruit and rice cakes. I did have some variation in my diet, but primarily stuck with organic foods and white meat and fish. When I went to donate blood I was t
  8. Does anyone know why this happens? I will get a pimple of my right cheek, and the next day I will get one on my left cheek, in the identical area, just a different cheek. Then I get a cyst on my left jaw....12 hours later, exact same place on my right jaw. Left corner of mouth, same on the right. It's baffling. I'm not wearing anything on my face like a surgical mask or a bandana, etc. which would apply pressure. No sweating. My wisdom teeth are coming in, all 4 of them, all impacted an
  9. If the folliculitis is caused by a fungus (which creates a matte film over the skin, promoting the growth of bacteria) then you may find the best treatment to be a course of Diflucan, a strong oral antifungal.
  10. I started culturing kefir about 6 months ago, using kefir grains I bought from a Russian woman who runs a spa in our town. For the first few weeks I began cultivating the kefir I couldn't stop drinking the "stuff", it was addictive. The grains multiplied so quickly that I began eating them, also, and even making "chesse" out of them. I gave grains to friends and parents, encouraging them to cultivate their own kefir. The one person I cannot interest in the kefir is my daughter, who has a funk
  11. Recently I did some research and learned that the majority of oil (sebum) production occurs in late afternoon up through early dawn hours, and that is when salycylic acids are most effective. I have used 2% in the past but I have read that 3% works well for a variety of skin conditions, not limited to psoriasis, acne, skin [fungal] infections, etc. So I purchased a product called Dermarest. Has anyone used this product or any other 3% sal acid solution and what were your results?
  12. By the way, in theaearlier post I forgot to say that my daughter is 15. I am 45 and I have acne, and what I found works for ME is Alpha-Hydrox cleanser (white bottle with red print, usually found at Walgreen's) and the 12% AHA souffle. That stuff is killer and stings, but I have gorgeous skin (now) and everyone thinks I am in my early 30's--except for my grey hair!
  13. My daughter uses Jan Marini Bioclear Bioglycolic ltion, 1 oz. pump. It's tiny and expensive but you can get it cheaper on ebay/ It lasts her about 2 months. The Bioclear is a combination 12 % AHA glycolic acid (hard to find at that level); 2% glycolic acid, and 2% azelaic acid. It is the ONLY product which has worked well with my daughter I think it is because it has a combination of eefective factors: daughter didn't do well on 2% salycylic acid alone, nor plain old Benzoil Peroxide (it d
  14. Question: Can I use the Finacea along with other products--those containing salicylic acid and alpha-hyrdoxy acids, etc? Anway, right now I am already using a product that contains 2% azelaic acid, it's a serum that also has 2% salicylic acid and 8% glycolic acid. In addition, I use a facial wash that is 2% salicylic. Can I use the Azalex 15% gel after the 2% salicylic facial wash, or is that just too much at once? My dermatologist gave me a prescription for Finacea. I do not use retins
  15. I did some research on the primary ingredient in this treatment: Silicol Dioxide (AKA Silicone Dioxide gel). It DOES seem to be an effective treatment against acne in Europe. A Finnish studyo n Pub Med and the NIH showed that of a group of 29 individuals, all of them showed decreased sebum production and pimples and pustules by up to 50%, vs. the placebo group who showed no change. Also, this product (Silicol Dioxide gel) is sold through all over Europe, unlike benzoil peroxide, which is bann