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  1. Judging by the pics you posted, my hairloss looks exactly like yours, ithappens. I think i got off the tane about a month after you did, and my hairloss has been steady since month 3 of treatment. If i ever hear that your hairloss slows down or stops, you have no idea how relieved i'll be. I'm not using any supplements currently. I thought about biotin, rogaine, and propecia, but i'm afraid of the side effects. I'm gonna give it another month and see.
  2. Thanks ya'll. My natural oil has come back since my last dose, and i see my derm. at the end of this month. I'll let him decide whats he believes is best for me. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Is it safe? My derm. told me that micros should be safe 2 months after accutane, but lasers are not safe until close to 6 months? What is your opinion based on your experiences.
  4. I dunno....mine started shedding about 9 weeks in. Still shedding, but more now. I hope mine stops after i'm off the tane. Some people complain about it getting worst after they're off, but most people say it's temporary.
  5. Where do i get fish oil from? I've been posted everywhere on this forum and i joined it in the first place because of this problem. I really hope you guys are right about the temp. hair loss. My hair was the only thing i had going for me pre-accutane.
  6. i understand what you're going through. I'm in month 5. I'm still getting zits every week, and every so often i get cysts that do not drain. It looks like i'm gonna need another month which is a bummer since i thought this might be my last month. But i don't mind. I'll do whatever it takes not to do a second course. I'm scared to death of doing another course because of the side effects and my uncertainty of their permanence.
  7. Where did you get these numbers for the vitamin dosage? I'm gonna have to do something. I have another month of accutane to go, and no lie i counted 37 hairs that fell out of my hair in the sink when i combed it this afternoon, this is common and it's only different today because i decided to count. My intention is not to scare away future accutane users, but we have to give them fair warning. Nobody told me that this side effect was this common. Every insert i read did not mention this, an
  8. Biotin/b-complex/vit e/zinc? I've been seeing this suggestion everywhere, but i have no idea of a means to getting it? Where do i get this? Is it prescribed?
  9. Ive looked at your profile before. I didnt know that. Go figure

  10. I'm in month 5, which may be my last month on accutane. Things were looking good, till yesterday BAM, i get a zit to the left of my chin. It didn't look so bad yesterday, but after i took a shower, it looked very red and irritated. To treat it tonight, i swabbed some hydrogen peroxide on it, put some anti-bacterial ointment on it, and covered it with a bandaid. I noticed, when i swabbed it with the hydro peroxide, it filled with puss. Is this a bad thing? I didn't pop it, but i put the oin
  11. Personally, i'm experiencing the same problems. I just left the dermatologist today, and he said that he has never seen anyone with permanent hair loss in his 20 year experience, except for when it's due to family history. He said can accelerate hereditary hair loss or worsen pre-existing hair loss in patients. However, he's seen many people who had full heathy hair and no family history complain about it during treatment, such as myself, come back in a follow up and mention that their hair g