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  1. I had 3 of this injections, and all resulted in atrophie. It is something difficult because my derm didn´t said me about the risks, what occurs to almost everyone that complaim about this. Maybe you could try the saline. here in my city(i am from Brazil) I think there is not derms doing this but is an option.In my case the atrophy did not solved for itself.
  2. I had a problem with the called cortisone shot on my face.It makes you skin lose structure (colagen, fribroblats and whatever),and there is no perfect or specific solucion. I am doing treatments tô produce colagen. Never do a cortisone shot on your face, this is my advice.
  3. I searched about , and this is the type of product that help you in certain moments like parties. But the difficult is look everyday at the mirror and notice that your skin is lost a way you "cannot" fix, and It is really bad.
  4. @mbdr2Hi. No I hadn't any big improvement.It seems like I lost deep parts of my skin.It is something very difficult to support and beautifulambition advices should be right but in my City I don't think there is some doctor that do this two procedments and I am discouraged too. I do not know how bad is yours but , hope you get better
  5. I have bad experience with cortisone shots but It was on my face. I do not know exactly how is your scar but got it is a bump. if it is that part of the Ear with fat maybe you can have atrophy.I think that wheter it do not bothers you too much you should wait.about the acuttane I think It will not be a big problem and is important to prevent future scarring .
  6. This month I will star microneedling and how the guy said you should try too.You do not have atrophy like me( I have cortisone atrophy) and the neddlind will turn your scars much better and so you will be more comfortable.And after microneedling, you can study another treatment to do. good luck and be happy
  7. good look with the results man
  8. I had deep acne inflamation that turned into a hard bump under the skin since years.after that my derm injected cortisone inside it, what made like "an atrophy inside the bump".And now I am gonna do microneedling, the derm said there is not problem needling the bump.Do you agree?
  9. I have been thinking about this too. But I am certain that we can have confidence again, and you feel that can´t because the emotional fight is though, and sad, and makes us confused. The part about the girlfriend hurts me more cause every look a girl put on me I feel she is looking at my scars. And when someone says I am handsome I doubt. sorry for the english I am not a native
  10. It has been almost 7 months, and Was a big cyst that the dermatologist injected.HELP. advices please.
  11. I have scars too and a largura cortisone atrophy on my face. finished accutane and am worried about the danger of lasers and rollers when your skin is think and weak. I am sorry that can't give you some good informacion.good luck
  12. Oh I understand your feeling.depends on how are you feeling, if you are so unsure and sad you should not go but if it will be fun and you can deal with the situation, then go.I do not know If you have a dermatologist and what treatment you are doing but seek the best treatments.
  13. I know.We are in the same situation.I could say things like inside beauty but I feel the pain you feel.everyone like beauty and our face is the part more visible of our body. But do not give up you can search for treatments.