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  1. I've been trying the Garnier Pure A night and day "intensive treatment" products (one a moisturiser with salicyclic acid, the other seemingly just an exfoliant) in combination with their deep foaming facial cleanser (which also supposedly has an exfoliating effect.) These are the products: Foaming cleanser Active moisturiser Night-time treatment Now, the regimen recommended with these three products is to clean the face with the cleanser and apply the moisturiser in the morning, and then to
  2. Reviving my old thread! I've now gone through the entire bottle of 2% BHA gel, and I haven't removed a single blackhead. Applied both day and night regularly, but it just didn't seem to do anything except burn a little (which became less and less, to the point I could've been putting water on my nose and I wouldn't have known the difference.) Considering this, can anyone recommend what step should I take next?
  3. I'm a uni student and I see people with varying degrees of acne everywhere.
  4. Yeah, unfortunately, some blackheads can. One of my friends in high school once looked me in the eye and said "Damn, your nose is completely covered in blackheads, you know..." Didn't help my self-esteem any.
  5. This is true, and it's because our eyes go to the active parts of the face - the eyes, the mouth. However, photos are frozen in time, so the viewer's eyes simply goes straight for the blemishes. Which is also a good reason not to feel too bad about your own photos. The camera doesn't lie, but people aren't cameras.
  6. I honestly have no idea what my face or my skin looks like anymore, I get so many different results from mirrors and levels/types of light. The flash on my camera ALWAYS makes me look terrible, though. I hate that thing.
  7. Listening to heavy metal and riding my bike (the motor-powered kind.) Both at the same time is even better, though sometimes it's not wise to be listening to Painkiller while riding. When I'm not busy being such a badass, reading and PC games are good too.
  8. You're right, peridottie; if I stopped now I'd always be wondering whether new improvement had been just around the corner. A quick question: I have a lot of pores on my nose now that look like varyingly deep pinpricks, with dark skin/oil inside. From a distance or angle they look like blackheads, but when the light shines on them you can see they're indentations. Is there anything I can add to this cleanser/BHA reigmen to make them less noticeable,or will this regimen help them by itself?
  9. Ask your mother if using sunscreen would make you a "fag".
  10. ZoeBee: I've been using them for about a week now. Thanks for all the encouraging words! The redness seems to be fading this morning, though the pores and blackheads on/beside my nose are still looking dark and dangerous. I seem to have a few more dark, open pores than I did before, hopefully the BHA does something to at least clean those out. The acne outbreak on my forehead seems to be calming down though. I'll be watching my face with interest over the next month, should be fun!
  11. I've been using a few Paula's Choice products in an attempt to clear up my skin, which mostly suffers from blackheads on my nose, but have noticed that during the first week my skin has gotten visibly worse - blackheads on my nose are darker and more visible, red and dark spots are appearing on my nose, pimples are appearing on my cheeks and even my forehead (which has been clear for years.) One of the red marks on my nose turned into what looks almost like a flesh-coloured scab; I have no idea
  12. Life's like poker. If you get dealt a bad hand, you bluff. People with better cards will fold long before you do.
  13. In regards to morality and religion; I'm an atheist, entirely due to strict rationalism. I don't disbelieve in God; that would imply he's there and I refuse to acknowledge it. Something that needs mentioning is that atheism has absolutely no impact on the way I live my life or who I am. Atheism is as much a part of my character as not wearing a tuexdo would be a part of my outfit. I do not consider "atheist" to be one of my character traits - rationalist yes, but not atheist. (And I'm not sug