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  1. This problem can be controlled with proper cleansing, moisturizing and manual extraction. Your esthetician or Derm can do this for you. Accutane is very TOXIC and is only used for severe acne. Be careful !!!
  2. Let me take this one step at a time. #1 Milia are "whiteheads" they are dead skin cells and sebaceous matter (oil) that gets trapped beneath the skin. It is a disorder of the sebaceous gland. If they are not infected they appear as white hard bumps like a grain of sand under the skin. Dry skin, from harsh chemicals or over cleansing can make it harder for these to pop through the surface of the skin. This why it is important to cleanse and exfoliate gently, then moisturize with a non occlusive
  3. Your skin does not not have to be "oily" to produce these bumps. All skin produces sebum, when the surface is dry it becomes more difficult for these lumps of sebum to pop through. If the bumps are not infected or filled with any pus or fluid the BP will not help. It will cause even more redness. It sounds to me like you are over processing your skin, this can cause the redness. Stay awy from the harsh chemicals for a while. TCA is a great product but it also will cause your skin to become red.
  4. One more bit of advice, the Salicyic sometimes cause rednes because of the vehicle that the Salicylic acid is dissolved in. It is only soluble in alchol, acetone and ether, so you may be sensitive to one of these chemicals. I use a 50% Gel with Aloe & Green Tea ( it is in an ethyl alchol base and even though the % is very high it causes minimal redness. it is used 2 to 3 times weekly. I can't say here where you can buy this ( it's my own product ) and I don't want to get in any trouble for p
  5. Hi Terminator, The bumps are hardened lumps of sebum that are surfacing, sometimes they'll pop out by themselves other times they need to be carefully removed with a lancet, but the skin should be softened with steam or warm towels first. They are probably coming to the surface because your dermis is building new collagen from the nlite treatments ( this is a good thing ) and it is pushing them to the surface.The IPL has minimal results for the redness. My IPL machine cost thousands of $$$$$ an
  6. I use just the Aloe Gel and it's great, but if you add the other ingredients it is even better.
  7. Try www.theherbarie.com they have lots of great stuff !
  8. If you just want the effects of the Witch Hazel, you can buy buy Witch Hazel Extract ( the one you bought contains alcohol ) it does not contain any alcohol. Mix it with Aloe Gel and its a great non irritating toner. Great for very sensitive skin.
  9. Don't take Accutane without being supervised by a doc....it is VERY toxic. It can help greatly but really has to be monitored closely !!!!!
  10. I did have one client who was allergic, but only to the plant. If I used the purified gel she had no reaction.
  11. I don't feel that it will help the redness at all, I use it more as a tool for exfoliation combined with other treatments. Because of the suction and the abrasion from the crysals ( or the diamond tome used with some machines ) the redness might even be a bit more noticeable. A facial with Galvanic current ( iontophoresis ) might be a better choice to treat the redness since it tightens the blood vessels. It surely will not remove the scars, it does help exfoliate the dead surface layers of skin
  12. There is no downtime with microdermabrasion, you may be a bit pink for a few hours but nothing more than that. TCA on the other hand takes 10 to 14 days to heal and you'll look pretty awful for the first week.
  13. With 25% TCA the results are very good, but on small scars the 50% works better. I usually repeat the peel in 6 to 8 weeks. You do not have to wait a year for collagen to form. After your last treatment you'll see immediate results but the final results are about 3 to 6 months down the road ( until all the redness, really just pink ) is gone. It is so important to use a sunblock after any treatment like this !!!!!
  14. You'll see results as soon as you heal with the 50% TCA, usually two treatmaents are enough occasionally three are necessary. the downtime with a 20 to 25% TCA peel is about 10 days with only the 4th to 6th or 7th being the worst.......not painful just unsightly.
  15. Microdermabrasion never goes deep enough to really remove scars, it helps the skin texture but doesn't remove the scar. TCA peels would help. I have many clients with very dark skin who benefit greatly from TCA Peels. there is much less chance of hypo or hyperpigmentation with TCA than with Glycolics. Ask your skin practioner to try a small test area before a full facial peel.