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  1. Hey everybody, It's been quite a while since I've posted on the board. I pop on from time to time to read but I rarely post unless I have something I think would be helpful to others. Moreover... Has anybody tried any products from ZenMed? From what I've tried so far, I've gotten really great results. I bought the scar treatment kit and the skin eraser. I actually made a mistake because the scar treatment kit comes with the skin eraser, so I now have two of the same product, but it's not a p
  2. Ha! I have the same problem. It looks cakey after 8 hours of working. I also use somthing simular to bare minerals; pure minerals and sheer cover. I started using the concealer that comes with my sheer cover, and only using the Almay concealer in the hard to cover spots because it covers so well and is so easy to apply. Still working the bugs out, but eventually my goal is to need no make up, at all
  3. I called in sick this morning because I hate my job so much, because of my skin. I constantly have to be up close to people under bright white lights, or outside light. My job requires alot of team work so I'm always around people. I constantly worry about what people are thinking of my face. One time, one of my co workers blurted out infront of everybody "hey man, what's the deal with your wearing make up every day". I almost DIED! It was soooo embarrasing. I made up some lie about having Ros
  4. I definatly think stress leads to break outs. Alot of times stress causes sweat, which can also lead to acne break outs. I think I recently read in a magazine that a study was done on college students, and 90% of them (or somthing close to that) suffered from break outs close to examination time (the only time a college student stresses out )
  5. I also heard that dairy causes acne. I minimized my intake of dairy a while back and it seemed to help quite a bit, despite going to the gym with a bit of concealer on, sweating, and not showering for a while afterwards on the drive home. So yeah, I'd recommend cutting it out as much as you can
  6. I don't know if this works for anybody else, but I have recently started taking one multi-vitamin at night, and one in the morning. For some reason, I havn't broken out in 2-3 weeks *knock on wood* Out of lazyness I stopped taking the vitamins and started breaking out again so I went right back to taking them and the breakouts stopped. My skin seems dryer (in a good way) more resistant to breaking out, for example, I was doing some metal fabrication, and got greese on my jawline and saw no pim
  7. From what I can see, there were two bad reviews. One was from an Asian girl, but then again, another Asian girl (Korean) said it matched perfectly. The other was from a light skinned girl, however too have very fair skin, and found it matched perfectly with my skin tone. The reason I keep posting and fighting for this concealer to take off is because I know how good it is and how painful and embarrasing acne can be. Trust me, kept me at home as much as possible for 2 years. Didn't even get to
  8. Ok so far that's two people in favor of this wonderful concealer. Any other takers?
  9. One thing that I found with all concealers I used were that they were too thin, and didn't cover up my pimples or redness. They felt like a tinted moisturizer. After trying and trying to find the perfect concealer I stumbled upon one by Almay. Let me say this right out of the gate, Almay is AMAZING! The name of the concealer is, Almay Clear Complexion Blemish Healing Makeup. Here's a little bit of info I found on the back of the bottle... Clears and conceals without drying your skin. Helps cl
  10. I'm trying it. Couldn't find it in Canada so I had it order online. $10.00 for the product, and $21.00 for the shipping. LOL, oh well, can't put a price on beauty
  11. I think they key to perfect skin is to just get rid of the acne (bumps) and cover up the redness (smooth skin) with make up. It's the bumps that are hard to cover imo. I also don't think I will ever achieve perfection like I constantly see in the movies ect. Skin is always un-even, that's just the way nature intended it.
  12. Moistureizer - Dove Sensitive Skin Foundation - Maybelline Pure Make Up - Shade 1 Porcalain Ivory Powder - Maybelline Shine Free Pressed Powder - Shade 4 Natural Beige Powder - Covergirl Tru Blend Pressed Powder - Shade 1 Translucent Light